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National Massage Therapy Week

by Anne Middleton, on August 20th, 2015

August 19th through the 23rd is National Massage Therapy Week.  Feeling tense?  Has shrugging your shoulders become a chore?  You’re not alone.  Nearly 32% of Americans have gotten a massage in the past five years.   Whether you’re an avid amateur or a professional massage therapist, mobile devices can be your portal to renewed well-being through massage.  Learn new techniques or brush up using mobile apps.

Taut muscles belie a tension-filled lifestyle and our mobile phones can be a source of tension.  If you’re ringtone is jarring and you’re routinely receiving acerbic texts from psychic vampires, opt for a more melodious notification tone and put filters on your emails.   Your next step is to load How To Give Swedish Massage from the Google Play Store on your new Google Nexus 6 from T-Mobile.  T-Mobile offers free shipping on any order of $25 or more so if that clunky flip phone is exacerbating your last nerve, have the masseur knead away the tension and nix the old phone for a new one. 

For anatomy buffs, know what parts of you are being stimulated while buff on the massage table with Massage Mat 3D in the Apple app store.  Get a massage for the relaxation, but keep on going to understand how the wondrous machine that is your corpus works.  Want to share the joy of massage with your kith?  Massage Techniques on the Apple app store guides you through kneading, palming and even myofascial techniques.  Replete with videos to help you master your fingers, from occipitalis to soleus, you’ll be adept at massage in no time.  Get off your gluteus maximus and go to Verizon for great incentives on tablets like the Apple Ipad Air 2.  You can also get 50% off accessories using our codes.

Receiving a professional massage is always an opulent treat, but between massages, palm out that unremitting tension at home using guidance from mobile apps.  Whether you need to hone techniques or even aromatherapy suggestions, you’ll find plenty of apps to vary your home massage experience.  Now you just need a phone or tablet that’ll be up to the task.  Our codes will help make shopping online stress-free, so start saving today.