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National Payroll Month

by Anne Middleton, on September 11th, 2015

If you’re a small business owner, you may be doing your own payroll.  Payroll is a chore and can eat up oodles of productive time.  If you’re till pouring over manila timecards and clocking in and out on clunky time clocks, it’s time to update your payroll methods for September, National Payroll Month. 

You may wax nostalgic about those manila punch cards your family business has been using since you were a teen.  If your Uncle Ned’s hardware shop is completely analog, show him some nifty software.  TimeStation deftly tracks attendance and hours worked right on an Ipad and peruse time records anytime, anywhere—and it’s free for organizations of up to ten employees.  It will pair well with Payrollguru.  The touchscreen interface of Ipads are easy for young and old to catch on, so show the boss the ease of the Ipad.  With free shipping on orders of $25 or more from T-Mobile, it will be facile to get started with digitized payroll and time management solutions. 

Android users aren’t left out either.  The Timesheet app on Google Play will help you keep track of your hours and it’s great for freelancers too!  It even comes with an expense reporting tool too and mileage tracker.  Calculate Work Hours, also on Google Play, will help you keep track of a multi-employee business.  Don’t languish for hours doing payroll the last century way.  Load these apps on your new Samsung Galaxy Note Pro from Verizon.  With free shipping on your order, you won’t be able to expense report it, but we’re sure you’ll still appreciate the savings. 

Payroll is nothing to get penurious about.  Save yourself time, trouble and hassle when you nix the paper-guzzling old school punch cards and update to digitized time clocks and payroll calculators.  If you need to revamp your payroll systems, September is the month to do it and we have the codes to save you a bundle.  We’ll never withhold the savings, so invest in your business today!