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National Teacher’s Day

by Anne Middleton, on May 5th, 2015

Most of us adore shaking maracas and consuming margaritas and munching on nachos during the annual tradition of celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  But did you know that this year, May 5th is also National Teacher Day?

This designated day for the kings (and queens) of the classroom may not be as colorful as the mariachis strumming their round-backed guitars dressed in their sombreros, but it provides an opportunity to honor our distinguished and underpaid educators. 

These motivating instructors deserve all the recognition and appreciation we can muster for the enormous positive impact they make on generations of students.

All Hail Our Educators
Since everyone encounters a multitude of professors during their journey through years of education, we thought you might be interested in a handful of statistics regarding these amazing individuals.
• Over 3.5 million full-time-equivalent elementary and secondary school teachers were engaged in classroom instruction in fall 2012..that’s a whole lot of chalk being used

• Approximately 76% percent of public school teachers are female suggesting to some that “girl’s rule”

• 44% of these knowledgeable folks are under age 40 years old implying that teachers need the energy of youth to work in our school systems

Teaching as a Career
It requires a special, patient and brave person to become a teacher. These masters of learning actually choose to engage with our children to enlighten and expand their minds. They must be organized, detail-oriented and excel at communication. Most of all teachers are dedicated and committed to excellence.

The hours are long, but the emotional benefits can be unmatched.  

We all have that single favorite instructor that lingers in our hearts and our heads for the duration of our entire life. My fifth grade teacher, Mr. Sutton, remains unsurpassed as the most influential educator in my school career.

It’s not an easy road to becoming the head of the classroom.  It takes years of study, special licenses and a strong will to succeed in the schoolroom.

Teaching careers are noble and they are far ranging.  A teacher doesn’t always teach science, math or English.  They can also take the form of coaches, counselors, principals, librarians, music instructors and so much more.

If you are considering teaching as an occupation, or if you have achieved the proper certifications and are now searching for the perfect whereabouts to impart your knowledge, can help.  This global career site lists hundreds of teaching and related positions throughout the world.  You may find that teaching in a foreign land is your next adventure.

Log onto to unearth an endless array of employment opportunities.  And as a teacher who cares, you will receive the gratitude and admiration of parents and students far beyond your imagination.