new year 2015

New Year, New You!

by Anne Middleton, on January 8th, 2015

New Year, new you!  After the holidays, it is tempting to want to revamp anything and everything in our lives.  Besides signing off on some trite, albeit well-intentioned resolutions, many also want reinvent their homes.  Are you looking at the coffee mug rings on your tabletop with despair?  It’s ok.  You don’t have to junk all your furniture.  Reinvigorate your personal palace and get inspired.  Get your creative gears going.

If that coffee table that you danced on during New Years is still structurally viable but just a little scratched and the Pledge wipes aren’t erasing those stiletto etchings, you can cover up your larrikin behavior with nuts or gears.  Advance Auto Parts has what you need.  Channel your inner Man Ray and incorporate gears and nuts as you decoupage your table top.  It will go from sad to fab instantly with supplies from 4 Wheel Drive.  Top it off with a glass table top to protect it.  Just be sure you don’t sashay around on that glass table top the next time you decide to have a soiree.

Every table needs coasters to protect from those dreaded coffee cup rings.  A little superglue and a lot of metal washers are waiting for your geometric ingenuity.  And while you’re at it, see that rinky-dink wine rack?  Rev up your wine rack by replacing it with a V12 engine. It makes a superb wine rack and as you clink glasses, it will make an apical conversation starter.  Be sure to tell folks you got that shiny engine from

Titillated by the wine rack?  You’ll be bewitched by an engine block coffee table.  Your adventurousness plus a piece of glass and an engine is all you require.  Engine not to your liking?  Pistons work too.  For ambiance, light some candles, enveloped in motorcycle chain candle holders.  DIY has never been so haute.  Auto Parts Warehouse is your go-to source for everything your DIY feat needs.

Show off your neoteric leanings in 2015.  Updating the look of your abode doesn’t have to cause upheaval in your budget either, especially when you use our promo codes.  Team up with our vendors and vivify your décor.