New Year's Outfit Savings - Look Great And Save

by Anne Middleton, on January 14th, 2016

The ball may have already dropped to usher in 2016, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need some new outfits for the New Year.  Designers have already weighed in on what’s hot for 2016 and here are just a few of the style trends ringing in the New Year. 

1. Suede—Add texture and richness to any outfit.

2. Light-weight Denim—It plays well with other wardrobe pieces.  Get a fresh take in the New Year.

3. Plaid—This homey look has gotten a high fashion upgrade.

4. Pleats-- Say no to schoolmarm and yes to high fashion 2016.

5. Fringe—No longer just for our roaring 20s flapper dress, add it to your wardrobe to harken to exotic locales.

6. Ruffles—Add a touch of romance to your closet.

7. Orange—Make the bold choice this New Year and wear the hue that’s right for you.

8. Lingerie—A little sexy never hurt anyone. Amp up your allure in 2016.

9. Spanish-inspired looks—If you can’t travel much, you can still look like you’ve gone to Spain.

Now, of course you’re not going to want to rock all of these trends in one outfit, but there may be some natural pairings that will look runway-ready.  Denim and suede could transform you into a cosmopolitan cowgirl, so dress up a lightweight denim dress as a one of your New Year’s outfit ideas.  Denim and plaid pair well too, so if you’re wanting to start the new year off with a note of simplicity, look to pairing denims with plaids and suede. Spanish-inspired looks and fringe seems to go hand-in-hand for a bit of exotic charm and perhaps a pop of orange can be in the mix too, reminiscent of the oranges Spain is famed for.  For a more risqué look and a nod to the early 20th century, create a boudoir ensemble with the fringe and lingerie dresses that became the must-have look of New Year’s dresses.  Ruffles and pleats are a no-no together.  Each demands to be the star of an outfit, so be sure to dress simply to complement, rather than compete with, ruffles and pleats.  Another off-beat look that Prada trotted out was having women wear lingerie over their clothing.  If you’re very adventurous, a bit cheeky and willing to have people gawk at you, try it. 

The big fashion magazines each spend upwards of $20K to take their teams to Paris Fashion Week.  Don’t worry, though.  You won’t have to break the bank to be fashionable season after season, because we’ve got the codes and advice to keep you runway ready. There are 138 fashion weeks world-wide, meaning that you could jet to all of them in the course of 2 ½ years, or you can rely on us to point you in the right direction.   Nix those little black dresses in the New Year and opt for adventure in fashion this year.  Take this opportunity to reinvent yourself and stretch your boundaries in couture this year.