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NFL Daredevils

by Anne Middleton, on April 3rd, 2015

Recently, Super Bowl Champion – indubitably the game’s MVP, Tom Brady recently leapt off a cliff in Costa Rica into a pool of water from a height of almost 50 feet.  The New England Patriot aficionados most likely suffered an aggregate cardiac arrest.  Surpassed only by the trepidation experienced by team owner, Robert Kraft, at the possibility of being without his superstar Quarterback next season.

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Not to be eclipsed by Brady’s bravado, DeAndre Levy, the Detroit Lions defensive MVP, strapped himself to the wing of a plane while it was thousands of feet in the air.  But, only after he extricated himself from the seat in midair and walked over to said wing.  It’s rather pedestrian to start out strapped in, right?

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So, just what are these athletes thinking?  Running at supersonic speeds and launching your 240 pound chassis at another human being …or voluntarily being the human target of that endeavor, apparently, does not satiate these guys.  Psychologists predicate that, for some people, the satisfaction of surviving extreme anxiety-inducing events is what actuates them.  The bigger the risk, the greater the satisfaction. 

Or, maybe it’s just what one does to keep a supermodel wife happy.  Tom’s had two of those so he’s dived into those matrimonial waters adroitly.  And, if you know someone who wants to share that supermodel semblance, send them over to BOSTONPROPER.COM.  Their new spring arrivals are in and the fashion is breathtakingly beautiful.  And, with free shipping and special daily deals, you won’t need to jump off a cliff to get that heart racing.

So, what do the bosses of these dare-devil guys think of their exploits?  Well, The Lions seem to have a sense of humor about it.  Team President, Tom Lewand, said that the team’s official position is: “Don’t fall off.”  Perspicacious advice.