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No Housework Day

by Anne Middleton, on April 7th, 2015

April 7th is No Housework Day.  Can this be a recurring monthly holiday?  Housework can be a drag, especially in these, bright, verdant days of spring when all you want to do is picnic and fly kites.  Having good shoes to do your housework in is a tough call too.  How many times have you broken a pair of flimsy flip flops while scrubbing like Cinderella?  We’ve got some great shoe suggestions for those times you need footwear for around the house—and suggestions for the special man in your life too.

First things first, men do housework too.  Though 50% of women do much of the housework, 20% of men report shouldering some of the load.  Since the 70s, women’s hourly input of chores have lessened and men’s increased, though there remains a significant gap.  So for those men who need a little incentive to get down and dirty, here’s a shoe you hubby will look very good in as he washes the dishes and takes out the trash:  the Bennison II by UGG.  Get free two-day shipping on any order, so buy him several pairs to traipse around the house in.

For the man that’s got super macho tasks like lawn-mowing or some project inspired by his weekly watching of the Bob Vila shows, we’ve got the shoe for him.  Nike’s SFB Jungle Boots  are a superb weather resistant work boot that will have your honey feeling like an explorer as he deftly tackles his “honey do” list.  With free shipping on all orders over $75, you can stockpile contractor-sized garbage bags for him to pick up trash with and you can reward him for his good behavior with a new power drill.

While your significant other is busy, you can get out of the house and enjoy yourself in some new Converse shoes.  Make a subtle fashion statement in Chuck Taylor Lux Embossed Reptile Sneakers in black or white.  With $5.95 flat rate shipping, you’ll be able to afford both pairs as you enjoy your new-found free time.

Of course, if a Ladies’ Night out soiree is what’s called for look no further than Boston Proper.  Their Closed Toe Wedge dresses up or down well and doesn’t have you tip toeing on heels either.  It’s great for the night out or dining al fresco midday.  Set down the steel wool, the dishwashing gloves and grab some cool accessories from Boston Proper too while your saving 10% by signing up for their emails. 

Cinderellas, say bippity boppitty boo to housework this April 7th and go out and carouse a bit.  Whether it’s a stroll around the park or a stroll to the local bar, it’s time to ditch those house slippers and slip into some shoes that you can have fun in.  Use our promo codes and save!