advance auto woman at mirror

No Lady Should be Without a Vanity

by Anne Middleton, on February 11th, 2015

No lady should be without a vanity area in her home, but if that stuffy rococo salon look like isn’t for you, get a little wild by fashioning your vanity from auto parts.  A superb vanity area should have these four key elements:  good use of space, well-lit, aesthetically pleasing, and relaxing. 

Light that vanity area up.  The fluorescent lights already in your bathroom will not give you the lambency you want.  Plus, you’re going to want targeted lighting that the harsh overhead lights can’t give you.  Mount a grille to the wall and invest in some lights that you can clip on and adjust.  Rose-tinted bulbs make everyone look like a cinematic goddess of yesteryear.  Get that rosy blush lighting you up and you’ll be eager to primp and preen.  You can bling up that grille too. Get a grille that meets your needs at  

Yes, we all know the makeup mirrors that you can buy at the big box retail stores.  And, yes they are necessary.  But, sometimes you don’t have time to fire that megawatt mirror up and adjust the settings for day, night or office.  Sometimes you just want to check your mascara fast or make sure that your teeth are not besmirched with that lip gloss you just bought.  Consider installing some side view mirrors at your eye level by your door frames, so you can take a quick peek as you go in and out of your vanity area.  Like cars, side view mirrors come in a variety of hues, so it can be an artistic diversion too.  Don’t sideline those side view mirrors—check out 4 Wheel Parts today.

Ever exhausted an ungodly amount of time searching for that favorite pair of earrings only to be missing the earring backs?  Sometimes in the rush of a busy social calendar, we forget to put our beloved jewelry back or it ends up somewhere it shouldn’t.  A hubcap can make a great tray when laid flat.  Mount two or three together on a wall and it is a contempo art fixture. Install a mirror behind that grouping of hubcaps and you have very swank vanity indeed.  You’ll be dazzled by the selection at Auto Parts Warehouse.

Ever lust after those palatial-sized ottomans in the old Hollywood flicks where the ingénue would sit in front of her mirror and sulk?  If you like the glamor but not the price tag you’re quoted at the furniture store, you can achieve that rounded ottoman look with tires. Cluster the tires together.  You can paint them first if you like.  Two or three layers of tires should do.  Check out Advance Auto Parts for a great deal.  Find an opulent brocade rounded pillow to top it and voila…you are now in a 30s movie.  No cigarette holder included.  We trust that you’ll create the glamor on your own. 

Say goodbye to the cookie-cutter vanities in the catalogues.  No bland or stuffy vanity area for you!  There’s a myriad of ways you can attain a full customized vanity when you employ a little ingenuity to your endeavor.  Our vendors are here to help and our promo codes can help you save.