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On Your Mark with McAfee

by Abbey O'Bryan, on February 2nd, 2016

On your mark. Get set. Go! 2016 is flying by. We’re already a month in. For many of us, February is the first opportunity for us to catch our breath after the holidays. In January, the New Year was celebrated. The out-of-town guests took their leave or maybe you returned home from visiting family. The gift returns and exchanges were handled. The decorations were all packed away and stored back in the attic. The credit card bill showed up (yikes!). And now it’s finally time to get back on track. Time to crack down on all the superfluous spending, the spontaneous celebrating, and the sinful snacking.  Clean it up, America. Get your house back in order. Tone that booty back up. And for goodness sake, get back to your budget. After all, it’s the beginning-of-the-year discipline that makes the end-of-the-year indulgence really fun.

So after you’ve swept out the cobwebs, detoxified your body and balanced your checkbook, ask yourself, “How’s my online life?” We’re spending more and more of our time online and if you don’t protect yourself from cyber threats, you could have a massive problem on your hands. Don’t take any chances. Are you sufficiently protected against viruses, malware and spyware? What about identity theft? Hackers? How about your devices other than your computer? Your tablets, notebooks and cell phones? Is your entire family covered? Sweep up your online presence. Make it secure with McAfee Total Protection.  Because once your online life is a mess, it’s not nearly as easy to clean it up as your real life. Check out the latest McAfee coupon codes available at PromoCodesForYou.com to enjoy the best price on your software! (Pssst...McAfee Total Protection is 65% off at the moment, but this won’t last long!)