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Outlandish, Out of the Box (or Car) Uses for Seat Covers

by Anne Middleton, on November 24th, 2014

I recently became the designated driver for a “girl’s night out.” I didn’t mind being the sober driver at all, but what did bother me was when these damsels became inebriated and thought it would be amusing to apply lipstick to my new seat covers. Arrggghhh!


Later, of course, these ladies felt bad, but not bad enough to pay for replacement seat covers.


Luckily, my car was equipped with corduroy covers that were able to be washed.  So I took these vehicle chair protectors into my home and was relieved to see they exited the washing machine in pristine condition.  All the evidence of a wild night had vanished.


After this unfortunate event, I discovered that automobile seat covers have other atypical functions.  Here are some of the extremely odd and outlandish uses no one would ever contemplate for these car accessories.


1. Feline Friend
I am taking care of my sister’s crazy cat this month.  This stealthy animal has clawed and demolished just about everything in my wardrobe from my cashmere scarf to my fuzzy slippers.  But suddenly, the destruction stopped.


As my corduroy seat covers were drying in my laundry room, I found this four-legged terror clawing feverishly at these indestructible, canvas-like fabric accessories.  She was having a grand old time trying to obliterate these seat wrappings. She had finally found an alternative to the destruction and mangling of my fashion items.  I used an Advanced Auto Parts coupon to purchase seat covers and the quality was so spectacular, they easily survived her wear and tear. 


2. Warm Tootsies
My cousin considers herself to be an equestrian aficionado.  So naturally, when she purchased seat covers from Auto Parts Warehouse, they were saddle-blanket style. This version is water resistant, usually manufactured from heavy-duty polyester and is amazingly soft to the touch.  During a visit to her at the barn on a cold, wet morning, my feet became soaked.  I did not have extra socks, so I seized her seat covers and tightly wrapped my ten toes in them for a cozy, dry experience. Who knew seat covers could double as feet warmers?!


3. Welcome!
Moving into a first apartment necessitates a significant output of money. A clever and inventive concept to save money is something I observed with my neighbor. He used his old vinyl seat cover as a welcome mat.  The material minimized the effect of moisture and dirt…exactly what a welcome mat should do!  Better yet, they were in a camo pattern. Ingenious!


4. Costume Party Time
Bet you never envisioned a seat cover as a party costume!  With a little effort, velour seat covers make an excellent 1970’s track suit outfit.  Not comfy in velour?  How about a seat cover towel from 4 Wheel Drive with a happy face logo?  The possibilities for distinctive costumes are endless. Available in a variety of colors with logos, you and your mate can show up in matching ensembles to impress your host. And even better, many fabrics are pretreated to resist stains and spills. Perfect attire for a party!


5. Baby on Board

No family member should be immune from using seat cover creations.  Ditch the idea of buying an expensive vinyl high chair cover for your toddler. Whether you prefer heavy-duty Jeep cargo seat wrappers, luxurious genuine leather or lightweight sporty textiles, with seat overlays from 4 Wheel Parts, you can create an excellent baby chair cover.  They even provide protection under the high chair to shield your floors from nasty messes.


It’s a fact that seat covers are an outstanding addition for your vehicle and protect your original seats as well as cover-up damaged ones.  But be brave and find inspiration for a multitude of other creative uses for this versatile accessory.


Some of the best quality and highly affordable seat covers can be found at such retailers as Auto Parts Warehouse, Advance Auto Parts, and off-road specialists 4 Wheel Drive and 4 Wheel Parts. You can’t go wrong with their guidance and customer service.