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Oval Office Shoe Style

by Anne Middleton, on December 30th, 2015

With more debates out of the way, we still have two females in the running for president, Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina.  We many not know if the ladies will be debating each other anytime soon, but is tempting to speculate what would happen if our next Commander-in-Chief wore high heels.  Here’s a few Oval Office worthy shoes. 

The Classic High Heel Boot by Boston Proper is a commanding shoe, perfect for Hillary Clinton, who polls at 52.7% in Iowa.   Look at the  Over the Knee Wedge Boot and Half Dorsay Pump which would suit Carly Fiorina well too.  These shoes definitely scream “girl power” whether you’re voting blue or red. 

Fiorina averaged around 2.5% in the polls right after the December Republican debate, but we’re sure a majority would love Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star Lux Suede Wedge Sneaker in red.   Perfect for a fundraising barbecue and less formal events, this shoe will help you stay on budget on the campaign trail. 

Waterproof Haylie-s by UGG and the perfect shoe for traveling state to state or even country to country.  Our president does a lot of traveling, which is why it’s important to have a durable, yet fashionable shoe.  Perfect for any climate, UGG’s Haylie-s are a great choice for a would-be Madame President. 

Whether you’re crazy for Carly or hopeful for Hillary, it’s noteworthy that there are female candidates still running in both presidential primaries, considering that it was 1920 when women finally were given the right to vote.  Blue or red, you won’t have to wait 95 years to save on shoes when you shop using our codes on great shoes, so save today!





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