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Panama Travel Guide- What You Need To Know

by Anne Middleton, on January 7th, 2016

World-class amenities and ancient traditions comingle in Panama.  Panama is, of course, famed for the Panama Canal, the shipping channel that connects the Atlantic to the Pacific.  Nearly 14,000 ships travel through the canal yearly, averaging 30 per day.  Connect with Panama, and travel there in great shoes.  We’ll introduce you to some of the nation’s best tourist destinations. 

Craft buyers, beware.  You’ll want to spend a lot of money in Panama.  Panama’s craft offerings can be subdivided into two classes:  Pre-Columbian and those crafts introduced by the Spanish conquistadors. Visit Reprosa in Old Town for authentic Panamanian Jewelry, harkening back to a pre-Spanish time.  Saunter about the Old Town in the Seed Beaded Sandal by Boston Proper

Coffee-lovers will love Panama.  Panama boasts some of the finest coffees in the world.  The soil and climate of the Chiriquí highlands cultivates a variety known as Geisha, originally from Ethiopia.   However, be sure to bring a boatload of cash if you intend to savor some Geisha brew.  It’s worth hundreds of dollars per pound.  We may not be able to save your money on coffee in Panama, however we have great deals on shoes to savor coffee in.  Relax and enjoy a cup in the men’s Alamar slipper by UGG.  Panama exports over 13 million pounds of coffee each year, so favor a few for yourself in Panama.

Bird watchers, get your ticket to Panama, because there’s 972 reasons to go.  That’s right.  There are 972 species of birds that call Panama home and a trip gives you a great opportunity to see them all, ranking 5th worldwide, in the number of birds you’re apt to see.  You’ll want to put La Amistad International Park, Baru Volcano park, Santa Fe, El Copé, Coiba, Campana, San Lorenzo, Camino de Cruces and Soberanía on your itinerary.  Just be sure to pack the right shoes to hit the trails.  We suggest the Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers by Converse in green to blend into your tropical surroundings.  Use our codes and save!

Pack your bags for Panama.  Whether you intend to delight in the native crafts, savor some world-class coffee or fraternize with the 972 species of birds, you’re going to need some great shoes for your adventure.  Shop with our great discount codes and save!





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