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Party Planning

by Anne Middleton, on July 30th, 2015

Parties are fun.  At least, they’re supposed to be.  If you’ve ever gotten bogged down in the minutiae of party-prepping, it’s good to have a sidekick.  Not all of us have personal assistants, and even Cortana and Siri can handle only so much.  We’ve scoured Google Play and the Apple app store for the best party apps to help you shore up your shindig.

One thing many obsess over is the guest list.  Whether you’re a nightclub promoter or trying to pare down the guest list for the nuptials, Guest List Organizer in the Apple app store is a godsend.  Focused on utility, take the futility out of pouring over the guest list for hours.  This app can interface with your Facebook or email contacts, manage relationships between guests and create reports that work with Evernote and Dropbox.    Cantankerous Uncle Sal can’t stand your brother’s pettifogging wife?  Dispel the tension by not just inviting your guests—manage them!  Of course, you’re going to need a nimble mobile device to keep up with your ornery invitees.  T-Mobile has great incentives on new Apple devices like the Apple Ipad Air 2.  With free shipping on all orders of $25 or more using our codes, you’ll want to have every family member equipped with an Ipad. 

If you’re the hostess with the most-ess and want to make a career out of fashioning fetes, then take a look at the Google Play store.  “Start Up Your Own Event Planning Business” and “Successful Event Planning” are two e-reads available for Android devices.  If party favors are your favorite and you’re aching to start your own business, read up on how to start-up the perfect soiree services firm.  You’ll need a reliable phone for your burgeoning business and there’s no better phone out there than the Motorola Droid Turbo.  Accessorize this phone with the latest accessories from Verizon and get 50% off using our codes.  That’s something to party about!

Whether you’re planning a grand bacchanal akin to Alma-Tadema’s “Excesses of Heliogabulus” or a baby shower, you have to plan the party to make it memorable.  Regardless of whether you’re having over five guests or 500, the devil is in the details when it comes to parties and mobile devices area great tool to keep track.  Use our codes and save on great tools from Verizon and T-Mobile.