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Patience is a Virtue

by Anne Middleton, on July 29th, 2015

We’ve all been lectured on the cliché “patience is a virtue.”  Most people strive for this lofty goal, but it can be grueling to achieve. It’s easy to become frustrated, irritated and edgy when people push your buttons. For a lucky minority, patience is a natural state of mind.  They project a zen-like aura in stressful circumstances that make them the envy of others in this fast-paced, unforgiving world.

These folks are uniquely qualified for careers that many of us would cringe at pursuing.  For example:

1. Call Service Representative
These are people who deal with the demands from the general public when they are unhappy about a product or service and feel the need to vent, not the pestering persons who make the annoying phone calls that we receive during dinner or an inopportune moment at home. 

Whether on-line, via live chat or on the old-fashioned phone call, Call Service Reps deal with complaints, orders and typically everything else in between. When a person is irate, it may appear that nothing will satisfy them….but these people with patient personalities find a method to end the madness, stay calm and resolve the issue that leaves a smile on the consumers face and a song in their heart.

2. Teachers
How would you perform in a room of 30 munchkins with sticky hands all clamoring for attention knowing that your job requires you to impart knowledge to them on a daily basis?  This underpaid profession necessitates an exorbitant amount of tolerance, fortitude and stamina. And a great deal of deep breathing.

3. Home Health and Personal Care Aides
This career category is set to explode over the next ten years as our population ages, and not always gracefully.  Home health care aides require an almost insane amount of patience to be successful at their jobs.  An effective and unflappable care giver deserves a medal.

4. Pharmacist
My cousin was a pharmacist and the stories he would impart to us about the nasty behavior people demonstrated at his store counter were astonishing.  We have all witnessed people flipping out at the drugstore when their prescription is not filled immediately or is not available. A person who wants to try their hand in the field of pharmaceuticals need to first make sure they have the patience to deal with customers who are unafraid to get up in their faces without holding back their very candid remarks.

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