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Peeps: A Perfect Example of Peaking in Business

by Anne Middleton, on March 30th, 2015

America is truly the land of opportunity for all who land on its shores.  And the story of Peeps, the squishy, scrumptious tasting and fluorescent looking indulgence, is a perfect example of how perseverance and determination can lead to a triumphant and unimagined life.

Peeps have been an Easter tradition in millions of households for over 50 years. These brightly colored yellow, chick-shaped marshmallow confections are beloved by children of all ages (my mom being their biggest fan). Their arrival in Spring is a greatly anticipated event.

Certainly, you’ve enjoyed a morsel of this iconic treat.  Do you start by nibbling from the top of the head or seizing a large bite from the tail section?  No matter how you gobble up this delicacy, there is an ever-growing and  massive collection of devotees for these yummy delights. The excessive loyalty of this crowd has resulted in the creation Peep recipes, Peep plush toys and even arts & crafts with Peeps.

But none of this could have transpired without “father” of Peeps, Sam Born.  Mr. Born emigrated from Russia and landed on the shores of our great country in 1910 to fulfill his potential in America.

Sam’s initial contribution in expanding our waistlines was the pioneering the innovative technology that produces chocolate sprinkles, known as Jimmies. Yum!

Fast forward to 1953 and Mr. Born procured the company who manufactured Peeps. The rest is history.  In fact, the company (Just Born) endures as family owned and operated facility today.

This gent with a boundless imagination cultivated Peeps to multiply beyond the simple sunny original baby chicks.  Today there are sugary shapes from ruby red hearts to original orange pumpkins.  Peep products currently celebrate more than five holidays and just launched fresh flavors for Easter including Blue Raspberry and Sour Watermelon.

Just Born and the Peep population is one of those rare, model success stories in commerce.  Its business accomplishments and triumphs demonstrate the immense benefits of hard work, toiling at a job that you adore.

As most grown-ups will advise you in their obnoxious lecturing voice, “you are only limited by yourself.”  Successful individuals take responsibility for their careers, work their tails off and have passion for their tasks.

Don’t know where to get started on your career path? has countless resources to find your “yellow brick road” to happiness and job satisfaction. This global career site can help you find your own “Peep” success story as long as you are willing to put in the effort.

Easter could never be the same without Peeps and perhaps your future will be one of the uncommon stories that include the development of an iconic symbol revered by millions.