Pet Dangers During The Holidays

by Anne Middleton, on December 16th, 2015

It’s the holidays and you may be pondering buying a poinsettia.  Many holiday floral and food staples can be agitating and even dangerous to pets.  Pointsettias aren’t the most toxic either.  In 2013, America’s 55 poison centers received over 3.1 million calls, but only a very small number of them dealt with pet concerns, which is why as a pet owner you need to educate yourself about holiday dangers. 

1. Chocolate—You may have more chocolates coming in the house over the holidays, so be sure Fluffy and Fido can’t access your holiday treats easily.

2. Grapes and Raisins—Both are known to cause renal failure in dogs.  Be extra vigilant when baking.

3. Lilies- Lilies are especially toxic to cats and can cause kidney failure within 48 hours. 

4. Christmas Tree- Your real tree is considered to be mildly toxic, and depending on how much your pet ingests, could cause mild or serious gastrointestinal issues. 

Besides this small list, there are many more irritants that could be lurking in your home for the holidays.  Have the Pet Poison Help app on the Apple app store loaded onto a new iPad from Verizon.  Android users can get valuable info from the APCC by ASPCA app available on Google Play.  Load it onto a new LG V10 phone from T-Mobile in case Fluffy gets herself in trouble.  In 2011, Veterinary Pet Insurance Company reports that policyholders spent more than $22.8 million on medical conditions commonly associated with the holidays.  You already have expenses for the holidays, and a big veterinary bill can really put a damper on the good cheer.   Use our codes to save on phones and mobile service and be proactive about your pet’s health this holiday season.





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