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The Popemobile

by Anne Middleton, on September 30th, 2015

The Popemobile…it’s may be one of the most recognizable cars on the plant.  Designed for security, optimized for ministry, the Popemobile is the chariot of Catholic Church.  Over the decades it’s gotten more sophisticated and more secure.  Let’s take a look at notable Popemobiles.

Francis rode around NYC in a modified Jeep Wrangler.  The Jeep has been modified to have a shield over the top of the papal platform but has open sides, allowing the Pontiff to bless the faithful as needed.  Pope Francis is not fond of the vehicle, though, calling it a “glass sardine can”.  To maintain this Jeep, the Vatican can look at the 4 Wheel Drive site.  They specialize in Jeep accoutrements and offer 5% any order.  Not finding what you’re looking for? 4 Wheel Parts also boasts and impressive array of Jeep outfitting and you’ll also enjoy 5% off. 

A Mercedes Benz G Wagon was Pope Benedict’s ride of choice for an outing in Vatican City.  The wagon was customized with a folding windscreen and handrail.  It’s designed to off-road well too.  His Holiness wanted a vehicle that could be used to greet the faithful during clement weather and Mercedes delivered.  Need to spiff up your Mercedes?  Go to Auto Parts Warehouse where you can search for parts by year, make and model.  Get 5% off your order!

To commemorate a sojourn to the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy, His Holiness John Paul II got into a holy hot rod, the 1988 Ferrari Mondial.  The car maker later gifted the Pontiff with a Ferrari Enzo in 2005, but a spirit of charity, the pope asked that the Enzo be auctioned for Indonesian tsunami victims.  Keep your vintage Ferrari looking pristine with Turtlewax products from Advance Auto Parts.  You’ll get 20% off your order using our codes. 

Popemobiles have come a long way from the man-carried papal thrones and horse-drawn carriages of yesteryear.  Popes have traded horses for horsepower.  Though a little pomp was lost, car enthusiasts marvel at the evolution of papal transportation.  Bless your car with a little car care and use our codes to save!