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Precious Cargo on Board

by Anne Middleton, on November 6th, 2014

When we say “precious cargo” we are not referring to your six-pack of beer. Your genuine precious cargo describes your children. There is nothing more treasured than those little munchkins. And naturally, you want to do everything in your power to keep them protected when navigating the highways. 


Here are a few reminders of what is truly important for your vehicle when hitting the road with your most valuable possessions:


1. Tail Lights
When was the last time you walked to the back of your car and actually checked to see if your taillights were working?  Be honest. Never, right?  You wait until someone in the car next to you drives up and points to the back of your car.  Stop relying on others to identify the danger.


When it comes to safety, those glowing red lights at the back of your car are essential components for your ride on wheels. When these are illuminated, tail lights alert drivers of your next move on the thoroughfare and accidents can be avoided.


Today’s tail lights are not your grandpa’s tail lights. Auto Parts Warehouse has a mind-boggling array of the finest red glow luminosities for your automobile.  Auto Parts Warehouse offers everything from long lasting LED tail lights, to the ground breaking Third Brake Lights that are positioned much higher on the posterior section of the car so other motorists have an easier time seeing them (and you) when on the road.


When purchasing these glowing red lights, you can be certain of their quality when they come from a trusted source like Auto Parts Warehouse.


2. Bumper Guards
It is almost inevitable that at some point during your travels, you will be thumped from behind. That’s where bumpers and bumper accessories from 4 Wheel Drive come in. A car bumper protector works by blocking these unfortunate wallops, so that it takes the brunt of the impact and minimally affects your precious cargo.  Bumper guards are an affordable solution to prevent and/or minimize damage to your means of transportation. 4 Wheel Drive can identify the perfect part with the ideal features and benefits to achieve the maximum shield for your auto.


3. Rear View Cameras
None of us have eyes in the back of our heads…yet.


So a rear view camera is an indispensable accessory, especially if there are young children in your yard or driveway.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that in the United States, 50 children per week are struck or run over by a vehicle reversing out of a driveway. Terrifying.


But there is something simple you can do to end this horror. Shop with an Advance Auto Parts coupon to select a rear-view camera that eliminates the blind spot directly behind your car and helps you avoid backing into anything in your way.


Rear-view cameras also let you see low areas you can't with your mirror (kids are tiny), and many models have night vision capabilities and crystal clear video wireless video. The rear view cameras offered at Advance Auto Parts are also optimum for backing into tight spots or moving in reverse when visibility is limited - it’s like having an extra eye. And who wouldn’t want an extra eyeball?


4. But I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know
Many new dads (and moms) often don’t have a clue as to what they require in their automobiles to keep their little ones protected (other than a car seat).


Alleviate your anxiety by talking with the team at 4 Wheel Parts.  These customer service agents have seen and heard it all.  Looking for hand’s free devices so you can keep your hands on the wheel? Looking for better shocks and suspension parts for a smoother drive so your baby will fall asleep and stop crying?  4 Wheel Parts provides expert advice, professional guidance and can even assist with installation of your parts.


Absolutely nothing is more important than safety on the road when you have your family in tow.  Any other scenario is unthinkable. Precious cargo is simply irreplaceable.