boston proper alien abduction

Prep for an Alien Escape

by Anne Middleton, on March 24th, 2015

“Take me to your leader.” Alien abductions are usually the stuff of those late-night mystery programs you watch when you are plagued by insomnia.  Yet, nearly 77% of all Americans believe that extraterrestrial life has walked the Earth.  What would happen if a neon green Martian appeared on your door step?  Would you have the right footwear?

A great pair of UGGs might help you to trek to their secret base in a remote New Mexican desert if needed.  UGGs are great shoes—comfortable, durable, breathable—perfect for trekking in the heat or a frigid night in the desert.  They’re affordable too.  Get free two-day shipping just in time for the next Star Trek convention.

Get your cosmic cowgirl on and wrangle those smarmy aliens with boots from Boston Proper.  Kick them back to the vortex from which they emanated and put the guys of Men in Black to shame with your cosmic cowgirl boots.  Sign up from emails from Boston Proper and get 10% off your order.  Those cowgirl boots will also be great for investigating crop circles too.  Remember the gorgeous Sybil Danning of Amazon Women on the Moon?  You know you want to find the inner space empress within.  Show those aliens who’s boss with stellar black sequined boots from Boston Proper.  Knee high, with a dainty heel, you’re sure to send those pesky extraterrestrials into a whole other orbit sporting these boots fit for an interstellar power house. 

Extraterrestrials don’t just covertly stow themselves in mountainsides or deserts.  They could be walking among us.  Know that crazy co-worker that’s emotionless and has a strange penchant for order?  They could be a Star Child—an alien being walking among us, observing our earthling habits and norms.  Converse has great shoes for when you encounter the extraterrestrials among us like at the grocery store.  Check out their hand-drawn stars pattern of their customizable shoes.  May the force be with you!  With $5.95 flat rate shipping using our codes, you can afford to invest in some freeze-dried space food!

Nike has space-age technology in every shoe.  Nike lab has shoes like unisex the Nike Zvezdochka, which looks like it comes right out of some Tron-inspired alternative universe.  You’ll be fleet of foot fleeing the alien horde with these shoes on.  Buy some for the whole family, because you get free shipping on all orders over $75.  When one of those neon green bullies says, “Take me to your leader,” you’ll be running quickly in your Nikes in the other direction.

None of plan to get abducted by aliens and most insurance plans don’t cover it.  Even if you don’t believe in extraterrestrials, UFOs or those strange crop circles that crop up out of nowhere, it is fun to peer at the stars and imagine other forms of life.   Use our codes and save up for a telescope!  Perhaps you’ll see a UFO while gazing into deep space.