child scientist

Preparing for the Science Fair

by Anne Middleton, on January 23rd, 2015

Your bright-eyed, bushy-tailed school-age child eagerly proffers their science project assignment.  There is a moment of panic.  How much is this going to cost?  How much of my property could get damaged? 

It’s never easy to find a science project to match your child.  You should take their age and their maturity level (and the vexatious gap between age and maturity) into consideration.  Also, factor in their interests.  Is your puerile wonder the next Neil deGrasse Tyson or are your precocious twin girls the next Watson and Crick?  Visit Auto Parts Warehouse to get your science project into gear. 

Obviously, there are a few standards on the dreaded science project roster, like the volcano and turning fruits and vegetables into batteries.  But, what about taking a battery apart and showing the components, and then rebuilding it?  Geared towards an older teen (some caustic materials here, be advised), that may make an interesting project to try with plenty of adult supervision.  It’s a more nuanced project too—a feat of chemistry and engineering.  Advance Auto Parts can help you find that battery you need at a competitive price.

For a less daunting endeavor, a younger kid can model gears out of cardboard and explain the concept of torque.  This project is suitable for younger ages and incorporates geometry, physics and engineering.  It’s par excellent for the crafty kid.  Grab some real gears to spruce up their three-panel science project board and you’ve got a real winner of a project.  Get your project into gear with  Your young academician will certainly thank you once they get their engineering degree.

Though you may be rusty when it comes to science projects, rust may actually be your friend.  Scoop up some washers and lug nuts and other iron parts and bathe them in a corrosive cocktail using vinegar.  Don’t forget to have the “control” lug nuts and washers!  Consider also explaining how anti-rust sprays counteract corrosion.  Appropriate for a teen or a tween, you can control how involved this project gets.  It’s a great project for the aspiring chemist and 4 Wheel Parts will have the supplies you need. 

Science projects can be rad or bad depending on how you approach them.  Don’t let your kid’s next experiment drive you bonkers.  Nix the volcano and the lemon battery and steer your offspring towards science success using auto parts in your next science fair project.