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Price is Right Model Gives Away Car

by Anne Middleton, on April 6th, 2015

On a recent episode of the TV Game Show “The Price is Right,” exquisite and mesmeric model, Manuela Arbelaez, who assists the host Drew Carey, accidentally revealed the winning price in one of the games – while the contestant was still playing!  The contestant, “Andrea,” got to keep the vehicle (and, in fact, went on to become the show’s ultimate paladin). 

The contestant, “Andrea,” had to discern which of 5 potential prices the true tariff on a brand new vehicle was.  Each salvo was inscribed on a card and the 5 cards assembled atop one another on a narrow placard about 6 feet in height.   At Andrea’s first and erroneous guess, the industrious aide-de-camp, Manuela, uncovered the corresponding placard and revealed the word “NO.”  Then, inexplicably, she immediately uncovered the price below it as well which revealed a “WIN!” sign.  Having thus divulged the correct answer, the contest was consummated and Andrea got to keep the car.

Our eager ingénue, now cognizant of what she’d done, covered her face with her hands and hid behind the pole.  Only supermodels can actually conceal themselves behind a mast 1 foot in width– but that’s another story.

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Apparently, the folks at “The Price Is Right” are pretty forgiving. Manuela was not discharged of her duties and after the incident, she tweeted: “I don’t usually give expensive gifts, but when I do, is a $21,960 car."  She just might not want to make that a habit.