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The Prosperous Nerd

by Anne Middleton, on August 3rd, 2015

For several decades we have all observed the explosion of electronic intelligence.  Those who study and earn degrees in technology will be joining an ever expanding segment of job openings. As a result of the every fluctuating electronic information requirements in our fast-changing world, these brilliant minds will almost always be guaranteed a position with a significant salary.

Hiring is hot in the tech world, and employers are willing to pay to obtain the high-level talent they want. In fact, there in 2010 in the United States, there were more than 600,000 computer support specialists employed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). And when these self-proclaimed nerds think beyond just the basic IT opportunities, the doors to a limitless number of niche careers are available.

For instance, take the Henn’na Hotel in Japan.  This is the world's first hotel staffed almost entirely by robots.  Programmers for the front desk animatronics let their imaginations run wild and concocted a dinosaur robot to check-in guests….as long as the guest does not require complicated information. The hotel includes a robotic bag-check and even a robot concierge. This hotel is not just a world of fantasy. There is a practical side to these mechanical servants. These humanoids can help reduce labor costs by about 70 percent. suggests, “For tech careers it’s not what about what you studied, it’s about what you learned.”

Whether they are two-employee startups or blue-chip enterprises with tens of thousands of workers, technology companies are in the forefront of efforts to keep American industries competitive in challenging times. Most experts agree that IT employment is projected to grow at a rate "much faster than average."’s Technology Niche is the ideal place to start your job search in the technology industry.  On their global website you can discover methods for differentiating your resume from other brilliant geeks to assure you stand out from the crowd. is one of the most visited employment websites in the United States and certainly one of the largest in the world.  And as we all recognize, technology is a global industry affecting the daily lives of everyone on this planet (and maybe other planets as well).

If you are fortunate enough to be enthusiastic about all things technology and have a vivid imagination, then perhaps you will create a world that includes something as innovative as a robot run hotel.