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Protect Your Technology

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by Anne Middleton, on August 3rd, 2016

If you haven't heard of antivirus software, then chances are good your computer is not as secure as it needs to be. Today’s digital environment is filled with cybercriminals and unsuspecting victims. The worst kind of technology viruses can quietly steal sensitive personal information from computers including credit card numbers, bank accounts and social security, without you knowing.


By installing a reputable anti-virus program on your computer and all your mobile devices, you can be protected from almost all threats lurking on the internet.


The Latest Threats
Every type of virus that has a potential of infiltrating your electronic gadgets is frightening.  One of the most worrisome is ransomware. It has become a terrifying term in the technology world.  Hackers have actually established a method to penetrate and capture access to the hard drive of your computer and demand a ransom. If the money is not delivered within a specified period of time, these wicked lawbreakers threaten to destroy each and every file on your mother board.


Ransomware is a frightening type of malware that infects and locks up a system until the user pays to regain access to the data. But even then, paying the ransom to these evil hackers does not guarantee that you can recover your files.


This shocking scenario is just one example of why antivirus software must become an essential component for all your high-tech devices.


Which Antivirus to Choose
Guarding your data with antivirus software can help defend you from harmful cyber crooks. After you download this shield of invisible armor, your tablet, Smartphone, computer and other devices will have the ability to detect an infected file or program. The antivirus settings can then delete the malicious bug on the spot and prevent it from affecting your information.


Selecting a reputable and reliable antivirus platform is an important first step. No company comes close to the trustworthiness of Norton.  Norton antivirus software is a superior program because it not only detects the viruses, but it eliminates them once they are found.


For close to 25 years, Norton has been a leading manufacturer of software that protects your computer from spyware, Trojan horses, malware, adware and other annoyances that attempt to access and do damage to your computer system.


If the threat of identity theft keeps you awake at night, you are not alone. An estimated 7% Americans were victims of identity theft in 2014. When identity theft occurs, you might not know a thing about it until you get the bill for a credit card account you never opened, or find that there have been expenditures you never imagined. This is a central reason why you should consider Norton’s targeted security program that can encrypt some of your most critical passwords.


Mobile Security
But guarding your data shouldn’t stop with your desktop computer or laptop. Mobile devices are now storing and accessing sensitive data. The attacks that proved successful on PCs are now being found on mobile gizmos of all types. With the evolution of cloud and mobile technologies, it has become crucial to recognize the urgency of security.


In today’s society, we live in a world that is always on the go and our mobile gadgets are central to our existence. Proactive protection for smartphones and tablets is unquestionably vital.


The most effective mobile security programs provide a powerful defense against unsavory intruders. Norton mobile protection software can:

• Proactively stop you from downloading unsavory apps that steal your personal data, or drain your data plan
• Block fraudulent websites from stealing your sensitive information
• Protect against unwanted calls and mobile spam3
• Locates or lock any lost or stolen device (a very cool feature and not always part of every antivirus software package)
• Remotely wipe the information on your missing mobile device if you just cannot locate it anywhere


Caution Ahead
According to a prominent global security strategist, “Every minute, we are seeing about half a million attack attempts that are happening in cyber space." No wonder antivirus software has become a necessary part of our technology lives.


A few of the most necessary benefits antivirus programs should include are:

• Protection against unwanted viruses that can rob your data
• The ability to check all files before they enter a computer system
• Provide an alert if any viruses are detected before it causes damage to computers or mobile devices
• The capability to quarantine and/or eliminate an intrusive virus so that it will not do harm


Don’t allow yourself or your family to become technology victims. Part of any cybersecurity strategy should be the use of antivirus software, the knowledge not to click on unknown attachments or links as well as keeping software up to date. Think of antivirus software as your technology superhero.  Reduce your risk of viruses by checking out our website for the latest Norton coupons and promo codes.