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Protecting Your Fantasy League

by Anne Middleton, on January 13th, 2015

Fantasy is profitable. 

No, not the type of fantasy where you let your imagination run wild. And not the Disney fantasy we all craved for as kids.  The fantasy we are referring to is the sport fantasy league.  Whether it be football, baseball or basketball, these fantasy leagues can deposit vast wealth in your pockets on a weekly basis.

Those who engage in fantasy league behavior are cognizant that configuring the line-ups are a cutthroat project.  It is not uncommon for participants to hover over their computers, analyzing statistics and data for hours and days at a time. All other activities fade into the background during this time of great passion and concentration.

Men forget to shave or brush their teeth.  There are empty pizza boxes strewn throughout the residence.  Beer cans fall to the floor, tempting canines to lick up the remaining droplets.  Time becomes meaningless. All focus is squarely on ascertaining which team members would be golden to acquire for this intense venture. Your significant other is ignored. Their needs and wants overlooked.  No distractions are tolerated. Everyone must sacrifice for this ritual. Pinpoint accuracy is paramount.

Finally, after your triumphant evaluation and comprehensive list of team champions, you are prepared for Fantasy Draft Day!  (The crowd goes wild).

With all the exertion and labor put into this endeavor, you abruptly develop a new phobia.  What if someone tries to steal your roster with all the barrels of statistics and figures you created? You must unearth a way to protect this invaluable intelligence.

Norton AntiVirus offers a superior product to contain your magical team's data. Norton offers one service to protect ALL your devices. It maintains your privacy, no matter what electronic gadget you are employing.  So whether you are maneuvering your picks on your laptop or checking your success on your iPhone, it can all be performed in a clandestine manner behind the invisible security curtain.

But what if your computer encounters and is violated by an unwanted virus?  The 2015 version of BitDefender will come to the rescue and eliminate all bugs, Trojan Horses, worms and other viruses with just a single click!

No hassle of navigating which files you need to delete, no computer gobblity gook vocabulary required.  BitDefender is unassuming to the user and will easily scrub those nasty invaders that put your fantasy league winners at risk while you work.

And with data this imperative to your survival in the sports world, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  McAfee Two-Way Firewall system monitors and forbids unwanted traffic in and out of your PC, even if it tries to connect to suspicious servers and Botnets.

So don't risk all your intense labor and potential prosperity of being crowned “king of the fantasy world.”  It is a title anyone would crave, and with a little assistance from anti-virus software, you are on your way to royalty status.