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Who Is Really #1?

by Anne Middleton, on June 2nd, 2015

These days, we wonder how we ever existed without mobile phones.  It is vital artery of communication that is used to connect to family and friends. And selecting Verizon as your prime plan for interacting with others assures ultimate satisfaction.  Verizon provides America's largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

But sometimes, these magical transmission gadgets are frowned upon.  Occasionally, when we are standing in line to purchase a cup of coffee, we wonder why we are all so obsessed with these seemingly magical technological devices that fit in the palm of our hand.

Walking down the street, sitting in a meeting, attending a lecture, waiting at a subway stop….no matter where you turn, there it is...that bright colored screen glowing into our faces encouraging us to communicate via the written word instead of verbal conversation.

Whether you praise the creators of these miraculous contraptions or if you despise the thought of being ignored while your significant other taps away on their smartphone’s key boards, millions of these gadgets permeate the environment.  That simply means cell phones are unquestionably absolutely everywhere.

But do you know which country leads the list in residents who own mobile phones?  Here’s the top 10 list for your review according to that most popular information source, Wikipedia.

• #9 Japan boasts 121 million residents utilizing mobile phones

• #8 Pakistan reports 140,000,000 cell phones in their country

• #7 Nigeria records 167 million devices

• #6 Indonesia nationals have purchased 236,000,000 mobile gismos

• #5 Russia is a country where 256 million people have portable phones, although many presume that these are monitored constantly

• #4 Brazil home of beautiful beaches identifies 278 million

• #3 United States with 328 million is a huge number, but not the top dog. Fortunately, with free caller ID from T-Mobile, you will immediately realize who is trying to communicate with you and you can decide if any of these other 327,999,999 personalities are worth answering your ringtone

• #2 India’s population estimates 1,276,660,000 mobile phones in use

• #1 China with the largest number of inhabitants within its borders reports that 6,800,000,000 have access to mobile phones, although attempting to log on to the internet and surfing the world wide web  is a struggle, is extremely restricted and is monitored closely

So when you are experience an emotion of total annoyance and wonder why the person next to you is having an intimate conversation on their phone with so many people listening, just remember it could be worse.  America could have billions of cell phone users instead of just hundreds of millions.