norton chef computer

Recipe for Disaster

by Anne Middleton, on April 21st, 2015

Since graduating college, Lisa has been completely engrossed in achieving her dream of becoming a personal chef.  She started small, but has labored diligently to attain her goal of bringing healthy, fresh food to individuals and families with specific dietary requirements.

In fact, Lisa’s business has grown to the level where competitors not only notice her company’s growth, but they have become jealous of her success. Her rivals view her as a top-notched, high quality service that may become unbeatable.

The heart of Lisa’s triumph resides in her recipes.  She expends an enormous amount of effort researching and perfecting the taste and texture of every dish to meet her client’s insatiable demands. 

Every measurement, every ingredient and every nuance in creating the most sumptuous melt-in-your-mouth is documented on Lisa’s brand new computer.  Next to her business, Lisa’s new PC is her pride and joy.

Imagine Lisa’s horror when she accidently clicked on and opened an email encompassing a virus. She had been laboring for two days without rest preparing for a spring catering event and was mindlessly browsing through her in box when she inadvertently opened this document.

Suddenly, her eyes opened wider than one of her upside down cakes, fearing that her computer might become invaded by evil cyber villains.

Kudos and a big “hooray” to Lisa for being prepared and realizing the potential hazards of cyber criminals. 

Although her new personal computer arrived with very basic antivirus software, she had been wise to invest in additional protection.

Bitdefender antivirus solutions provide state-of-the-art, proactive protection from e-threats while also incorporating anti-theft, firewall, social network protection and more.

Anti-spyware provided by McAfee shields personal computers from malicious software while providing peace of mind while browsing the world wide web…something Lisa does daily to discover new delicacies and indulgences for her growing company.

As the threats get worse, Norton security products just keep getting better. Norton is so dedicated to providing top-notched web safety that they make the bold promise of guaranteeing to help keep your computers virus-free, or they will actually provide you with a refund.

Lisa’s flourishing business is thriving and she is well on the way accomplishing one of her life’s dreams. Yum.