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Reinvigorate Your Desk

by Anne Middleton, on January 2nd, 2015

Bland, plasticky office supplies aren’t for you.  Do you shudder in the office supply store? Reinvigorate your desk by skipping the annual pilgrimage to the office supply depot.  Shop the auto parts store instead.

Need something to stow pens or pencils?  Reach for a flex joint.  They make a nifty display for that prized pen that you’ll be getting when you become CEO.  Advance Auto Parts has a great selection.

Hate how the wheels of your chair get stuck on your carpet-y mat?  Replace it with a heavy duty cargo liner from 4 Wheel Drive and you will never get marooned by an unwieldy rug again.  Also, it’s a breeze to clean when you spill whatever it is you’re noshing on. 

Besides making superb paperweights, water pumps and wheel hubs make great conversation starters, keeping that valued client or prospect at your desk a bit longer.  4 Wheel Parts can help you get that conversation started.  Need something for sorting?  A hubcap, with its many spokes, is an off-beat, fun alternative to those snooze-inducing, wire mesh paper sorters. 

If getting that hutch or shelving you’ve always wanted has evaded you, then consider building one from tires and sheets of glass.  Heavy, durable, and stable, stack the tires and then lay a sheet of glass on top—very au courant.  Auto Parts Warehouse is ready to help you actualize your vision.  Make a more robust statement with a grille.  Mount it to the wall, and then use magnets to hold papers on it.  You can make clever magnets by gluing screws and wing nuts to plain, round magnets. 

You’ll be the talk of all the office when you ditch those colorless office supplies that are thrust at you for some well-chosen auto parts.  Accelerate your reputation for originality—you’ll soon be known as the person to go to for out-of-the-box thinking!


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