green thumb

Reinvigorate Your Green Thumb

by Anne Middleton, on January 21st, 2015

You may have a green thumb, but if you live in urban perdition, you may not have the opportunity to show that verdant thumb off.  Long for the simpler life but can’t escape the travails of the city due to Dickensian circumstances (Scrooge got you stuck in a job you hate)?  The answer is container gardening.  A simple way to get your green thumb flexing again, you don’t have to settle for those drab pots that the home store stamps out.  Re-purpose some auto parts.

The obvious choice for your container gardening is the tire.  But even more important is how you use that tire.  Throwing loam and seeds into a tire is great, but how about affixing that tire to a wall or suspending it from a hook?  Watch the secret life of your plants under the ground by putting in plexi glass panels and then you can watch the roots burgeon too.  How cool is that?  4 Wheel Drive has the perfect tire for your endeavor.

Another great choice is the hubcap with the spokes that make for a nifty, sectionalized look.  Cultivate your own kitchen herbs in a hubcap by gluing a piece of an old tarp on the bottom.  It will look cool and you’ll never have to dash to the market for fresh basil ever again.  Dash over to Advance Auto Parts for a great deal. 

Find those boxy planters at the home improvement store odious?   Perhaps the glove compartment of the car was really meant for gardening gloves.  With that nifty triangulated shape, perhaps you could create a new environ for some of those chromatically enticing dwarf cacti they sell at the home stores.  4 Wheel Parts is the go-to place to shop for myriad supplies.   

Here’s another interesting statement piece.  Commandeer some mesh cargo nets, mount them with fishing line to keep them taut, and grow vines on them.  Not only fun and quirky, put them on the balcony for a wall of floral protection from nosy neighbors.  Our promo codes will also save you the expense of a trellis. A trip to Auto Parts Warehouse will net you the savings you want.

Reinvigorate your green thumb and create  a greener world with container gardening.  Nothing can contain your creativity, either.  Use our promo codes and  (re)discover the joy of getting your hands dirty.