ridiculous ideas for thanksgiving leftovers

Ridiculous Things To Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers

by Anne Middleton, on November 16th, 2015

Without fail in November, every website, talk show, magazine, radio station and family member feels obligated to communicate their “finest methods for using Thanksgiving leftovers.”  They deliver endless recipes and more recipes until we want to shriek in an ear-splitting tone, “Stop with the food talk!”

Every single person who celebrates this festive gobble-gobble holiday finds themselves on turkey overload and fatigue.  After a huge consumption of the holiday meal, even the consideration of turkey tacos or sweet potato smoothies makes us queasy and turns our stomachs.

So, my friend, we offer extreme and creative uses for reducing the amount of scraps from that larger-than-life family dinner:

• Kid Cuisine
If the site of surplus orange sweet potatoes or stacks of sliced turkey result in a queasy feeling in your gut, consider passing it on to your kid….the food, not the queasiness.  Just construct baby food from these off-putting remains from last night’s dinner.  And it is so simple even a kid can do it. Jake a handful of turkey and chop it as small as you can and dump it on the high-chair tray. Or take those calorific vegetables, puree them and feed them to the youngest child.  

• Survivor’s Campfire
Awakening at daybreak after a night that resulted in a stupor of tryptophan is enough to make every one of us resent the cheer of the holiday.  The concept of cleaning is somewhat repulsive. So instead of scrubbing that pan where the turkey basted for hours, simply construct a campfire with turkey grease and get everyone out of the house. If you were a survalist, you would comprehend how ingenious it is to just wipe up the turkey grease with a paper towel, place it in a paper cup and light it on fire in order to help start an awesome outdoor blaze. Perfect for a crisp winter night, and it is way easier than rubbing twigs together!

• Fido’s Feast
Turkey remnants make outstanding dog treats and will eliminate the guilt of what to do with so much excess poultry. These homemade treats are vastly healthier for you pup than store bought versions.  By pampering your pooch with a small amount of effort, you’ll be swarmed with wet kisses from your canine friend. Check the amazing internet for endless recipes.

• Wild Waffles
Nope, we're not talking about some weird combination of waffles and savory stuffing. We're talking about waffles made out of the actual stuffing. It's a recipe so imaginative that we believe everyone will be spreading this innovative creation.  Grab the relics of this breaded dish, then spread stuffing evenly in a waffle iron, cook it till crispy, and slather the resulting stuffing-waffle with gravy or maple syrup.

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