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Ridiculous Things to Do with Your Resume

by Anne Middleton, on October 20th, 2014

We all know how important a resume can be in the crowded arena of job searching. First impressions count, and the initial glimpse that a potential employer will have of you is your resume.

Statistics demonstrate that the average employer only spends a few seconds appraising a resume, so it is imperative that it make a positive impression. This is your one chance to capture an employer’s consideration, or (perish the thought) for your resume to be tossed into the file of those they don’t want to pursue.

But what if you have been searching and searching for a job with little results and your frustration grows to a point where you just want to scream “I cannot take this anymore!” 

This is a clear indication that you need a little comic relief. A few ridiculous ways to use your resume will lessen your exasperation.

1. Origami. You remember origami. This Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures was especially popular with all of us when we were young.  Origami has exploded since your days of youth and now there are books that teach you how to fold your resume into Star War shapes.  Find this book and more opportunities for using your resume as a decorative centerpiece for your next dinner party at Barnes & Noble.

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2. Papier-mâché. Remember in elementary school where you learned to combine torn strips of paper or newspaper with a sticky substance and apply it to an object? Consider using your resume to craft an extraordinary paper-mache piece. Believe it or not, you can find an app for how to create the perfect item.  To assure your chosen app downloads easily, upgrade your SmartPhone by visiting

3. Shopping list. Instead of crumpling up your resume in disgust, simply flip it over and use the blank side for your weekly shopping list.  If you are pounding the pavement for a job, then you are most likely trying to save money.  Your food will stay fresher longer with a top-rated FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System.

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4. Wrap a present.  After some dead end interviews, you may believe your resume would be more useful to wrap a gift than to gain entry into a new career.  If this creative option tickles your fancy, then trim your gift with ribbons from Paper Source. 

Now that you have used your resume for some outlandish activities, it is time to return to the business at hand.

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Stay positive.  Be persistent. There IS a job for you out there.  And if you need any other informative advice, go to