aauto scarecrow

Road Rage Rusty

by Anne Middleton, on September 25th, 2015

I used to make scarecrows every Halloween.  It was a thing.  My grandma loved doing it.  I loved doing it.  We didn’t have a field of corn to protect, but it was just sort of cool to have a humanoid-like figure sitting on our porch from mid-September through early November.  Okay, we were a creepy family, but I miss having a creepy scarecrow now that I live in a metropolis.  Our family scarecrow was not a fashion plate.  I want to reinvigorate the scarecrow, but with a theme, so my theme this year is Road Rage Rusty the Race Car Driver.

You’ll need:  bales of hay, clothing, safety pins, Halloween mask (optional), corn syrup (optional), food coloring (optional), patience

I suggest getting three bales of hay.  Two of these bales will come apart to be used as stuffing for the scarecrow.  One is ornamental for Rusty to sit on.  No bales?  You must be ultra-citified, so you can substitute newspaper, but nothing beats hay bales.  It’s an olfactory delight in scarecrow making.  Find an older pair of pants for Rusty and stuff them with hay.  Also stuff Rusty’s racing jacket, the WAGX518044TUC Jacket from Auto Parts Warehouse.  Once sufficiently plump, take Rusty’s torso and attach to his limbs with safety pins.  Enthrone Rusty on his hay bale.  Be sure he balances. 

You may have noticed that Rusty is headless.  There’s a few choices you can make here.  You can improvise a head from a pumpkin, you can stuff a Halloween mask, or build a neck and a head.  Or you can be really macabre and leave Rusty’s head on the ground and bloody it up with some faux blood made of food coloring and corn syrup.  Check out a Spirit Halloween store for even more spooky ideas, and use one of our Spirit Halloween coupons. Either way, Rusty needs to be accessorized.  Trail Goggles from 4 Wheel Drive and racing hat from 4 Wheel Parts will round out Rusty’s horrific visage.  Procure Rusty an AutoCraft Steering Wheel Cover from Advanced Auto Parts (you can stuff with paper too to fill it out) and place in Rusty’s hands.  Add more fake blood for flair.  The kids will love it.  Have an eye-sore of a car in the garage?  Trot it out and put Rusty in there.  Your neighbors will gawk.  It will be perfect.

I miss making scarecrows and now I can make Rusty!  I even plan on making Rusty a few friends.  Usually my creativity costs a pretty penny, but using the codes I can save and make some memories too!  So if you haven’t made a scarecrow with the kids, do it!  You’ll have fun.