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Run, Jane, Run

by Anne Middleton, on June 4th, 2015

Searching for a career in the fitness and health segment?  It might be time to pack your bags and rush to our nation’s capital.

The most recent ACSM American Fitness Index Data Report delivered an interesting and scientific snapshot of the state of health and fitness in municipalities in the United States.

The ACSM is better known as the American College of Sports and each year this prestigious organization ranks urban locations that offer their populations facilities and opportunities that support healthy living.

The top 5 metropolitan locations are listed below.  These stellar locations all enjoy a variable smorgasbord of outdoor exercise options, and have relatively low rates of smoking, obesity and diabetes.

They are considered to be the champions of the fittest cities:

1. Washington, D.C.
The nation’s capital city exceeded the countrywide average in percentage of city land areas designated specifically as parks. Plus, a high percentage of residents bicycle and walk to their place of employment.

2. Minneapolis, MN
Regardless of the harsh winters, Minneapolis excels in their offerings of dog parks, playgrounds, golf courses and tennis courses.

3. San Diego-Carlsbad, CA
Not just a destination to visit their world famous zoo or Legoland, this sunny locale delivers more ball parks than other cities. Additionally, this enticing environment boasts citizens that consume more fruits and vegetables than the less healthy sprawling urban areas.

4. San Francisco, CA
People are more likely to use leg power and walk to work in this city by the bay, despite the hilly and challenging terrain.

5. Sacramento, CA
Neighborhood farmer’s markets make this capital city in the great state of California a healthy option to nourish a growing family.

Unfortunately, if you live in these cities, you are ranked in the bottom five of the fifty locations researched for this report: 

46. Louisville, KY
47. San Antonio, TX
48. Oklahoma City, OK
49. Memphis, TN
50. Indianapolis, IN

Examining the bright side, the good news is that if your goal is to provide communities and residents with resources that help them achieve a better, healthier life, these are several of the countless municipalities that could benefit from your services.

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