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What’s Trending - Stock Market Edition

by Anne Middleton, on May 21st, 2015

Bullish? Bearish?  If your time is a hot commodity and you need to keep up with the markets, there’s no better tool than your mobile device to check the pulse of your stocks and bonds.  Let’s show you what’s trending in finance apps. 

Now, not all of us know the ins and outs of stocks.  Think Dow Jones is a person?  Off track when NASDAQ gets mentioned?  No worries.  Entry level investors can into the markets by saving their change—and we don’t mean in a jar!  Acorns is a new app that rounds up your purchases and invests the change saved according to what level of risk you feel comfortable with.  Available on the Apple App store, you can manage a portfolio right from your new Iphone from T-Mobile.  Get free shipping on a new iPhone from T-Mobile using our codes and invest those savings!

You could spend all day on watching the myriad of financial sector channels—or you could look at Stock Touch.  Stock Touch arranges stocks into nine sectors—consumer, services, healthcare, energy, technology, financial, industrial, materials and utilities.  See information for one day or up to five years and see who’s hot and who’s not, with color-coding.  A consistent gainer, Verizon Wireless is not only a great stock option, it’s a great carrier at a great price.  Get $50 off and free shipping when you use our codes.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a neophyte investor looking to build a portfolio, a mobile device with the right apps can be a tremendous asset.  Get great ROI when you invest in phone service from T-Mobile or Verizon using our codes.  We can be sure you’ll be happily bonded to your new carrier for a few fiscal years!