is sadie hawkins day still relevant

Is Sadie Hawkins Day Still Relevant?

by Anne Middleton, on November 6th, 2015

Is Sadie Hawkins Day still relevant?  High school girls nationwide may be gnawing their fake nails…or not.  The 7th is Sadie Hawkins Day, when girls are encouraged to ask the boys out.  Sadie Hawkins Day originated from the Lil’ Abner comic strip and has been going strong since the early 40s.  Still even in 2015, 93% of women prefer to be asked out and 83% of men prefer to do the asking.   If your daughter is planning on plunging into the Sadie Hawkins Day fete, here’s how to help her out. 

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Sadie Hawkins Day can be a good conversation starter about the birds and the bees if you haven’t already had it.  The iBooks store has a few primers on teen courtship that can be helpful.  The Complete Idiots Guide to Dating for Teens in the iBook store may be a great place to start. If you’ve stumbled on initiating the conversation, perhaps one the many tomes available as an e-book can get you both talking.  An iPad from T-Mobile may be just the thing needed and you’ll get much-needed savings with our codes, like 25% off select accessories. 

Sadie Hawkins Day is coming up, so if your daughter has a beau in mind, perhaps it’s time to talk.  In an increasingly complex world where gender norms are bent and a less formal dating culture is the norm, it’s hard to connect with your teen on the topic of dating.  Luckily apps and e-books can get the conversation started, making it a touch easier.  Savings are always easy to come by using our codes, so shop online for mobile devices and service and save.