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Save A Tiger Month

by Anne Middleton, on September 3rd, 2015

There are only 4,000 tigers left in the wild and with recent high-profile poaching incidents, activists are crusading to help tigers this September.  September is a Save a Tiger Month.  Show your stripes and help tigers around the world this month.  We’ll show you ways to help, right on your digital device.

No one cause is pushing tigers towards peril, but three banes effecting tiger populations are a black market for tiger body parts, deforestation and urban expansion and loss of prey.  All three of these are burgeoning at an alarming rate.  Tiger body parts have been a staple of Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries, but the demand for the feline-derived remedies is outpacing the stability of the tiger populace.  Activists at the World Wildlife Fund have created an app for animal lovers on Google Play—and you too, can have tiger vision.  Explore, donate and educate all by using this app on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 from Verizon.  Verizon offers free shipping on your order, so the re-directed savings can go towards tiger-friendly philanthropic efforts.

Save the Tiger Fund and Panthera, two of the world’s foremost tiger conservancy organizations have teamed up in this dire time for tigers.  Tweet and connect on Facebook with Panthera and get your paws on their tiger fact sheets.  From Russia to the shores of the Caspian and Mediterranean seas, tigers traverse in the wild across Asia and the Middle East.  It’s going to take global outcry to get tiger populations to bounce back, but fortunately, like their diminutive cousins, the domestic house cat, they reproduce rapidly.  If you care about tigers and are still relying on a clunky flip phone, turbo charge your activism with a new Iphone from T-Mobile to raise awareness.  T-Mobile offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more using our codes.

Four thousand tigers may seems like a lot, but if you consider their natural range and the pressures tigers face, it’s clear action is needed now to preserve this famed feline for future generations.  Smart phones have made us smarter about tiger conservation and have given us global reach.  It’s time to take advantage and help out our furry friends the tigers.