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Savvy Seniors

by Anne Middleton, on July 31st, 2015

Give seniors a standing ovation for being more technologically savvy than you may have previously assumed. Every moment, a new swarm of senior citizens are embracing the digital world and attempting to master the skills of electronic communication.

The Internet offers many benefits to older Americans, including the ability to better stay in touch with family members, near and far and across generations. What better way is there to remain close than to be able to observe the change of every wrinkle and crease in a relative’s face when Skyping?

The Internet facilitates the ability of senior citizens to connect with society, bringing vital information and resources to them. Not only can these masters of life experience enjoy viewing their grandchildren grow up, they can also research information about health, hobbies and special interests. They can even become skilled in banking and shopping from the convenience of their homes.

But a warning to all, sending and receiving letters and images at the speed of light comes at a price. Heed these recommendations to guide you and your loved ones through a safe and secure technological adventure.

Password Protection
Although it can be tempting to create passwords that are easy to remember, like names of loved ones, pets or significant dates, it’s best to choose passwords that would be impossible for anyone else to guess, unless they were a psychic. A combination of letters, numbers and symbols offers the strongest protection.

Anti-Virus Software
The best way to protect your system against viruses and spyware (malware) is to install an antivirus program.

Age is no justification or defense for becoming lazy with cyber security. You must maintain current and updated security software.  But fear not. Often, anti-virus software incorporates an auto-update feature to ensure you have the most recent protection features.

Anti-virus software can help block viruses and other potential threats online. There are many affordable anti-virus software programs, like Norton Antivirus, that can help keep your information safe and give you peace of mind while browsing your favorite sites.

Bitdefender’s highly developed programs can scan your system to find and remove any virus activity you may already have while McAfee is adept at identifying suspicious behavior from any computer program which might indicate a nasty infection.

Without proper precautions to our multiplying electronic devices, the risk can be high and consequences devastating. The good news is that with a little effort, we can protect ourselves and still enjoy the benefits of the internet that have become a part of our daily lives.