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by Anne Middleton, on April 25th, 2016

Remember the tradition of clipping coupons?  Although this practice is still relevant in today’s budget conscious world, the increase of on-line promotion codes and other internet deals are permeating the shopping landscape.  Professional shoppers realize that by not using a discount code, the consumer is leaving significant money on the table.

Traditional Deals

An estimated 70% of coupon users still use print-based coupons such as those in free standing inserts (FSI) typically found in Sunday papers to find savings.  But coupons and discount codes from the back of catalogs have grown way beyond traditional print vehicles. In today’s technological shopping environment, you no longer need scissors for many of the deals available.

On-Line Discount Codes and Coupons

Online coupon codes offer consumers a chance to save money on their online purchases as well as inside stores. Most shoppers who've never used an online coupon are missing out because they don't know how to find (and use) online coupon codes.

Using digital coupons and promo codes make saving easier than ever. Many stores offer exclusive on-line promo deals and even have their own discount apps that you can download. This allows you to always have access to the very best deals whether you are buying a new Smartphone, planning a vacation or a purchasing a carton of milk.

Understanding Discount Codes

Today, there are entire websites dedicated to promotional codes, one of the best being These sites offer great insight on the use of discount coupons on the basis of product and merchant. Major coupon code sites often employ full-time staff to search for and update coupon codes daily.

Discount codes are those deals you find on these specialized websites.  Once you find a code for the item you are purchasing, you will enter it in the "promotional code" box on an online order form during the checkout process.

The coupon code has a specific offer attached to it. Once you enter the promotion code, the discount will be taken off the order form automatically. It is best to select a few favorite coupon code sites and bookmark them so that you'll be able to save quickly when you need to shop online.

Promotional Codes are Booming

The awareness of discount codes is growing. Consider these facts:

34% of shoppers use mobile coupons/promotional codes

96% of Americans plan to use their mobile device to find better retail bargains

42% of mobile users have used a mobile coupon

97.4 million US adults will use mobile coupons in 2015

Coupon and discount codes have clearly survived the transition to electronic form and have exploded in availability and identity. Much of this growth has been done through social media resources like Facebook and Twitter where customers are offered additional discount opportunities.

• Approximately 94% of people follow brands on Twitter to receive deals and discount codes. 

• In fact, social media has turned into somewhat of a promo code club.  In 2013, 40% of young adults traded and swapped coupons on social media.

Corporate America has also embraced the love of promo codes and on-line deals. Mobile coupons and discount codes are significantly cheaper than paper coupons to distribute, they can be updated in minutes and they also are redeemed more frequently that paper coupons. Over 121 million adults redeemed digital coupons last year.

A Final Thought

There a lot of impressive statistics when it comes to finding deals and promo codes. What all this data points to is that discount codes and using on-line resources to find the best deal are here to stay. According to an article published by Forbes,

91% of adults keep their smartphones within arm’s reach, making electronic codes easily accessible

9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action. More than half lead to sales8

The effectiveness of coupon resources like are valuable resources in educating consumers and providing the best prices and discounts on the things they buy.

It doesn’t take much these days to shop like the professionals shop…promo codes, on-line deals and discount codes bring smart savings right to your fingertips no matter where you are.