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Say Cheese!

by Anne Middleton, on June 2nd, 2015

Sometimes being cheesy is not a bad thing.  Cheese is as old as civilization itself, as archaeological studies have shown the origin of cheeses dating as far back as 6000 BC in ancient Mesopotamia.  With more than 2000 varieties of cheese known worldwide, you can explore your love of fromage using a cell phone.

Though mozzarella is the world favorite, most highly consumed cheese, take a nibble of some other varieties.  Cultivate your palate with the Fromage app by Steve Welch, available on the Apple app store.  A “must have” app for all connoisseurs of fine food, you can enjoy this app on a new phone from T-Mobile.  T-Mobile offers free shipping on all orders using our codes.  Now, we can’t get you free shipping on the Sardinian cheese casu marzu, which contains live maggots, but we can understand if you want to pass on sampling that cheese.

Cheeses can be made from a variety of milks, including cow’s milk, buffalo milk, goat milk, horse milk and camel milk.  It take approximately ten pounds of milk to craft one pound of cheese.  If your brood is craving cheese, but bored with the pedestrian mac-n-cheese, it’s time to explore the free Cheese Recipes app in the Apple store by Moving Treehouse.  There are great incentives to get an Iphone or Ipad from Verizon right now.  Use our codes to get $50 off your order and free shipping from Verizon.

From Adelost to Zwitser, there’s a whole alphabet of cheese to sample and then some.  Whether you grate it on pasta or pair it with a superb vintage, cheese is always a palate pleaser.  With great incentives from our mobile partners, you can now explore the global array of cheese right on your smart phone.  You’ll feel smart too, using our codes to save!