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Searching For Nessie

by Anne Middleton, on September 8th, 2015

Cryptozoologists were up in arms this week over the idea that Nessie may be actually be a behemoth catfish.  Steve Feltham, who gave up his job, house and girlfriend 24 years ago to look for the creature full-time, has abandoned his long quest, because he now thinks that the storied Loch Ness monster is actually a Wels catfish. Our captivation with Nessie is ages old, beginning with St. Columba, who supposedly banished a "water beast" to the numinous depths of the River Ness in the 6th century.  Even if Feltham is right, our fascination with monsters won’t subside anytime soon.  Whether you’re investigating Nessie or the chupacabra or the yeti, you’re going to need a nimble phone to document your sighting. 

If you’ve ever had a moment dashed by a clunky cell phone camera, the Galaxy S 6 Edge is the perfect phone for your Nessie and chupacabra chasing.  Even if you’re not planning voyages to Scotland or Mexico to pursue these fabled beasts, you’re sure to want a crisp, pristine, unpixelated records of your finds or even what you’re savoring for breakfast. T-Mobile offers free shipping on your order of $25 or more, so load up on apps too, like Google Play’s Altered Dimensions Paranormal, your portal to all things cryptozoological. 

Apple offers a smorgasbord of apps, no matter what your interests are, and Nessie enthusiasts will not be disappointed.  Devotees to Nessie will appreciate the app store’s Loch Ness Monster Update.  Timelines and videos galore are the selling points of this curious app.  Quiz4 Monster will make you wild for wendigos and crack up over the Kraken.  Gamers will be partial to Apple’s assortment of Nessie-inspired games too.  Verizon is offering free shipping on all orders, so when you purchase that new Iphone, go for the iPlanet selfie stick.  Maybe you’ll get a selfie with a wendigo!

Chimera or not, yarns of the Loch Ness monster and other cryptic creatures will always pique our interest.  You may never cross paths with monster but it doesn’t hurt to have the best cameras and accessories you can get in the mobile marketplace.  Our codes will connect you savings.