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Secret Weapon: Research

by Anne Middleton, on February 12th, 2015

Congratulations! Your persistent and defiant attitude finally wedged your foot in the door.  Your initial face-to-face interview is next week.  Now the real work begins. This is the phase where you collect significant knowledge about the hiring company to assure you make a remarkable first impression on this potential employer.

Yes...we regret to inform you that homework is required for securing employment.  Every prospective worker must rummage for a technique to differentiate themselves from the crowd of interviewees.  This is essential if you are to be designated as the stellar stand-out that this business yearns for to join their institution.

Employers are impressed by candidates who are accurately educated on their company.  Career experts credit the comprehensive, in-depth, far-reaching investigation of a company as a “secret weapon.” Corporate facts and intelligence readies the candidate with the ability to both to answer interview questions knowledgeably and ask the interviewer questions wisely.  Research grooms an aspiring applicant to articulate their skills, knowledge and work style to precisely mimic those of the organization. By engaging in this preparation, you will be a perfect match in the eyes of your future boss!

Essential Research Tips
Begin with identifying what the company covets in a qualified candidate. This enables you to be assessed as the preeminent operative for the position.

During a job interrogation, employers are “shopping” for fresh faces to join their organization. Focusing on your talents that complement the requirements of the enterprise will guarantee you a step toward permanent employment.

Googling a company is not sufficient.  Search engines will not bestow a thorough or candid picture of the establishment. The last thing you want to do is ask the proprietor about his business in Asia when they don’t even peddle their products outside of America!

So where can you obtain truthful intelligence about your impending employer? delivers detailed and comprehensive company information from thousands of employers directly on their website. Each corporate profile includes a business description, breaking news and more all in one central location. What could be easier?

...But please do not overdo it!  Overzealous candidates frequently amass an immense amount of research before they enter the grilling from a corporate executive.  Then these “newbies” believe they must showcase all the information they’ve gathered. It is simply too overwhelming!

There is no need to be an over-the-top brainiac. Just utilize your expertise when it is appropriate.  No one likes a smart aleck in a job interview…would you?