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Shoes Can Be Art

by Anne Middleton, on July 14th, 2015

Shoes can be art. Tired of non-descript beige, white, black and navy shoes?  Want to shake up your outfits?  We’ve got some atypical shoe choices that will spice up your summer wardrobe.  Say yes to color!

Boston Proper always has classy shoes, but their sexy printed wedge with geometric designs reminds us of something that would be on the walls at MoMA rather than on your feet.  If you love color, shapes and comfort, check out this geometric wonder of a shoe.  Wondering if you can afford it?  Get 10% off when you use our codes.

The Natassia Calf Hair Leopard Print Wedge at UGG is a classic wedge with a subtle leopard print.  Perfect for getting some cat-like moxie into your wardrobe, pair these shoes with an A-line, brightly colored sun dress and look ultra-chic while feeling magnificently comfortable.  Be a study in well-paired contrasts.  Free shipping and returns using our codes guarantees your satisfaction. 

You’ll look really inspired in the Chuck Taylor All Star Andy Warhol by Converse. Channel the paradigm-shifting perspective of Warhol in these shoes.  With $5.95 flat rate shipping you can get yourself Converse’s entire collection of Warhol-inspired footwear at a great price.  Putter around in pop art.

Nike Lab continues to innovate.  Not in the business of selling clunky clodhoppers, Nike offers the NikeLab Lace Air Max 1 Ultra in black or red.  A lacy silhouette on a sports shoe?  Why not!  No chunky blocks of neon colors on these sports shoes, all with the performance you’ve come to expect from Nike.  Get free shipping on your order of $150 or more.

If you have piles of black and brown shoes in your closet, it’s time to do hue.  Our shoe vendors offer a dizzying array of hues and patterns for every type of shoe and you could never know when that shoe your iffy about becomes the shoe you love.  Take a style risk, and when you use our codes, we promise it won’t hit your pocket book that hard either!