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Shoes Fit for a Lannister

by Anne Middleton, on April 20th, 2015

Opulent, haughty, cunning—the Lannisters always pay their debts.  That’s the unofficial motto of House Lannister, Westeros’ conniving clan extraordinaire, but their true motto is “Hear Me Roar”.  If the new season of Game of Thrones has whetted your appetite for some good ole Lannister power plays, you can celebrate the new season with some roaring shoes.

Bitter, embattled Cersei always manages to look exceptional even when her machinations fail her.  To always look fabulous even when fabulously embarrassed or defeated is truly a fete.  Boston Proper’s strappy cork wedge in Lannister crimson will help you rule your own personal kingdom.  And, you can splurge on shoes without maxing out your accounts at the Iron Bank when you use our codes.  Get 10% when you sign up for emails from Boston Proper.

Joffrey was hard to love and easy to love to hate. You won’t have a love-hate relationship with Converse By John Varvatos Burnished Leather sneakers.  Regal yet edgy, they’re perfect for the would-be Joffreys of the world.  No cross bow included but enjoy $5.95 flat rate shipping using our codes.  You can splurge on wedding cake (or not).

You’ll feel like a King Slayer in Nike.  Deft, durable—they’re made for the Jamie Lannister in us all. The Jordan FLIGHTFLEX Men’s training shoe is perfect for sword fighting, cross training and any other king slaying you may find yourself involved in.  With free shipping on all orders over $75, you can afford a new Valyrian steel sword or two.

Cousin Lancel was rather freaky during the season’s opening episode.  His Rasputin-esque makeover, should he decide he doesn’t want to tramp about the Seven Kingdoms unshod, could be rounded out with some UGGs.  Earthy and comfy, UGGs are sure to be a Westerosi favorite.  Whether proselytizing for the Seven or sabotaging the royal boar hunt, order your UGGs today and get them in time for the next episode.  UGGs are not just boots either—they’ve got a vast array of casuals and sandals to choose from.

No need to pay your debts when you’re not spending an arm and a leg (or losing a hand) for shoes.  Even at their worst, Lannisters always look their best.  So if you end up getting a crossbow in your heart while sitting on the privy, you’ll at least look good, because that’s the Lannister way.  Use our codes and save so we can hear you roar.