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Shoes Fit For A Libra

by Anne Middleton, on October 8th, 2015

Airy, always in search of balance, Librans need a superb shoe.  Libra’s symbols are the scales.  Highly discerning, expressive and relational, Librans need a shoe that merges and synthesizes their complex needs.  Let’s look at some birthday shoes, Libras!


Opal is one of Libra’s gemstones.  The fiery yet milky gemstone epitomizes the contrasts inherent in Libra.  For the Libran lady in search of romance, the Mystique Princess sandal is enhanced by opalized rose stone.  Boston Proper has the gem of a sandal at a price that will help to keep your check book balanced.  Get 10% off when you sign up for emails from Boston Proper.  As well, find other Boston Proper coupons and promo codes on our website.


Librans live with the heart, so it’s no wonder one of their hues is green, the color of the heart chakra.  Verdant shoes can be found on the Converse website.  The Chuck Taylor All Star Fresh Colors line in green will lighten the heart of any Libra.  Librans are in love with love and you’ll feel enamored by $5.95 flat rate shipping using our codes with Converse.


Librans are fair.  Libras totem, the scales, are the scales of justice.  Librans see all sides of an argument which can deter them from making a decision expediently.  If you’ve ever been in the Libran predicament of having to choose between two perfectly good options, don’t ruminate too much.  Get the best of both worlds with the Croft Bomber Sneaker by UGG.  Feels like a sneaker, wears like boot, the flocculent footwear is yours with free shipping and free returns on your order using our codes. 


Happy Birthday, Libra!  Expressive, airy, relationship oriented, you’re about fair play.  Don some green shoes this birthday and go looking for love or just more balance in your life.  The scales are tipped in your favor, at least when it comes to shopping for new shoes!