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Shoes For A Busy Mom

by Anne Middleton, on September 9th, 2015

It’s rare that I stay in the same pair of shoes all day long.  Let’s face it.  It’s an impossibility.  With a full social calendar and exercise regimen, it’s possible to change shoes every four hours. 

Cockadoddledoo!  I hate mornings.  Not like I hate hangnails or misplacing my keys and/or phone, but mornings are up there.  The aurora hours are not my favorite.  For those moments I feel less than superwoman-like, I need my shoes to give me some inspiration, so I reach for my Gladiator Heel Sandals from Boston Proper.  I can take on any unruly client or busy body in the office when I am shod with those shoes.  Boston Proper has a great array of footwear for work or almost any occasion and offers 10% off when you sign up for their emails.

After eight hours of dragon-slaying (also known as working), it’s time to drop the kids off at soccer and ballet and run a few errands.  The operative word here is “run”.  Clunky heels won’t get me to where I am going, so I change clothes (my Supermom costume) and put on my Converse Jack Purcell Slip.  Easy on and easy off, running errands is easy in these shoes.  They’re affordable too, with $5.95 flat rate shipping!

Then, it’s time for the real “me time”.  My Fluff Flip Flop II by UGG is perfect for lounging around the house.  Cute and supremely comfortable, I can really unwind in these shoes and treat myself to a home facial or some aromatherapy.  They’re the perfect reward for all my day’s hard work. 

A mom’s shoes are hard to fill—and we need so many pairs!  I love that I can count on the savings from the codes each and every time I shop online.  Now if I just had more room in my closet for more shoes!