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Shoes For Cosplayer Conventions

by Anne Middleton, on June 11th, 2015

Cosplayers, the shoes make the outfit.  Never doubt the power of the shoe, because it may be your secret weapon.  Even the ancient Greeks knew the power of a spectacular shoe, because they specifically deemed that their messenger god Hermes had winged sandals.  As you prep for your summer tour of convention hopping, be sure to invest in shoes. 

Boston Proper’s Colorful Mystique Flat is sure to be a darling among our lady cosplayers out there.  The design is timeless, so regardless of whether you’re attending Society for Creative Anachronism or cosplaying into the future, the flat works with a variety of mythical and mystical locales.  Our savings aren’t a myth either.  Use our codes and get 10% off your order. 

Nike offers some intriguing choices for both men and ladies.  Dressing up in your pixie-ish best?  Nike offers Nike Studio Wrap 3 in a jet black and a flirtatious pink, among other nifty hues.  For the fellas, Nike has a whole inventory of field boots, perfect for soldiering forward during your cosplay and convention activities. Get free shipping on your order of $150 or more using our codes.

The pastoral elegance of UGG definitely lends itself to your Lord of The Rings pretendings.  The Classic Tall Boot comes in five subdued colors.  Unfortunately, we can’t offer you’re a primer on speaking Elvish, but we can offer you great discounts on UGGs, with free shipping and free returns on your order. 

Nothing says “post-apocalyptic mayhem” quite like the edginess Converse.  Converse has a huge selection of sneakers and a fully customizable option as well.  Feeling like a superhero?  Check out the CONS Weapon line of sneakers, in poppy colors and buttery leather.  You’ll look the part and get $5.95 flat rate shipping using our codes.

Cersei Lannister, Captain America or Storm Trooper, we’ve got a shoe for almost every cosplay need.  Night or day, shop online and get great shoes and great prices using our codes.  Use your imagination!