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Shoes For The Silver State

by Anne Middleton, on August 27th, 2015

The Silver State is more than craps tables and poker tables.  If you’ve wanted to go to Nevada, don’t travel big blind.  We’ve got some lesser known Nevada haunts that are sure to round out your excursion to the state dominated by Sin City in the public imagination.  Plus, we’ve got great shoes for wherever your trek to Nevada takes you.

If you want to feel like James Bond, sans the Casino Royale pomp, journey to Parhump in southern Nevada.  Jetpack America offers water jetpack flights for anyone wanting to soar above this oasis in the desert.  The next diversion on your list should be the Parhump Valley Winery, a world-class winery with 49 award-winning vintages to sample.  After the exhilaration of jet-packing, you’ll enjoy imbibing in the Leather Slip On Sneaker by Boston Proper.  Get 10% off when you sign up from emails from Boston Proper.

The Royal Peacock Mining Company is Denio is the place to excavate buried treasures.  Nevada is a miner’s paradise and if you’ve ever wanted to unearth your own opals, Denio is the destination to do it.  Hard-toe shoes are required for the fee digging site, but ladies, if you want to amble about the gift shop while the men get dirty, we suggest UGGs.  The Jemma Quilted Sneaker by UGG couple well with your new Virgin Valley black fire opal, the Nevada state precious gemstone. UGG offers free shipping and free returns on all orders so, save on shoes and don some fiery opals home. 

Art aficionados must trek to the living ghost town of Goldfield home of the off-the-wall International Car Forest of the Last Church art gallery.  Junk cars transmogrify into art in Goldfield.  If you’re pondering deep ontological issues and want to see seeming ephemerality be elevated to high art, go to Goldfield.  Amble about the precariously-placed cars in Converse.  Intrepid, you’ll feel at-ease in the picturesque wasteland, especially in the men’s Chuck Taylor All Star Black Wash sneakers.  Converse offers free shipping on any order, so load your whole gaggle of gallery lovers in the car for this once-in-a-lifetime sojourn. 

Leave the bright lights and glitterati in Vegas and dig deep—either for opals or existential truths.  You can jetpack too!  Off-the-beaten-path is an awesome option in Nevada, so get shod well and get yourself to the Silver State, using our codes to save.