Show Your Patriotism With DIY Decorations

Try something new this year and create an ambiance of patriotism with your own DIY craft projects for the 4th of July!

by Anne Middleton, on June 27th, 2016

As we all learned in elementary school, the Fourth of July celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring the freedom of our country from Great Britain. Every year on this date, Americans proudly show their patriotism. 

Statistics show that on Independence Day 66% of people will display an American flag. 

• Celebrating the holiday also includes sharing the holiday with others and 76% of us will get together with family to show our pride in the red, white and blue. 

Try something new this year and create an ambiance of patriotism with your own DIY craft projects for the 4th of July. Each craft idea is fun and ensures that your Independence Day decorations are special and unique. Easy-to-follow instructions make each of these DIY crafts accessible, even to newbie crafters.


Swirling red, white and blue papers mimic the fireworks you'll see in the evening, but they are much safer for kids. These pinwheels are perfect lining a walkway or filling a tall vase and using as a centerpiece. They also make great party favors.

Patriotic Wreaths

This DIY craft project features the vibrant red, white and blue colors to celebrate this national holiday.  Simple to make from cardstock, you can find step-by-step directions here.

Or make an Independence Day wreath from simple clothespins to display your patriotism. This second version is so simple, kids of any age can help out by attaching the clothespins to make the round shape.

If this is still too much effort, then use flags on a toothpick to create a beautiful wreath.  Simply stick mini flags that come mounted on toothpicks into a Styrofoam wreath until it looks full.

Red, White and Blue Table Runner

Data shows that 150,000,000 hot dogs will be consumed just on Independence Day.  This astonishing number calls for table décor to flaunt our patriotism. Create a rustic, easy no-sew burlap table runner to dress up your buffet with a touch of red, white and blue patriotism. Save it and use it again for your summer cookout on Labor Day.

Red, White and Blue Centerpieces

On Independence Day, 80% of people state they will attend a barbecue, picnic or cookout.  If you are hosting one of these festive outdoor events and are short on time, you can still make charming centerpieces to exhibit your patriotism. A bouquet of flags, instead of flowers, can make for a fabulous centerpiece.

• Simply use any clear glass or vase.

• Fill the glass with red, white and blue gum balls.

• Then anchor three or four small flags into the gumballs to add holiday-themed colors to your table.

One of the most unusual, yet impactful Independence Day centerpieces involves using pineapples in a most uncommon manner. This DIY project is a simple way to turn pineapples and sparklers into wildly fun and very festive 4th of July centerpieces. In just minutes and these few steps, you’ll have a stunning red, white and blue table decoration:

• Spray paint 3 pineapples using red, white and blue paint

• Insert sparklers into pineapples tops.

• Stick the “handle” of the sparkler down into the soft fruit leaving space between the fronds of the pineapple and the “sparkler” portion of the stick. You may have to wiggle them a bit to stick them into the fruit.

• Arrange as your tabletop centerpiece.

• At dusk, have a couple of guests all help light the sparklers using a long lighters then step back and enjoy!

• One word of caution…be sure the pineapples won’t tip over or you’ll have fireworks of a different, undesirable type.

Spectacular and Edible Desserts

Let your food help celebrate this special summer holiday.  Think beyond store-bought star cookies and create something extraordinary in your own kitchen. If you are serving watermelon, use a star shaped cookie cutter to make five-pointed watermelon and cantaloupe bites. If you feel adventurous, make star shaped pizza dough for a special treat for kids and top it off with their favorite cheeses.

Nothing goes over better at a hot Independence Day party than the cool flavors of a red, white and blue Popsicle.  Firecracker Ice Pops feature swirled strawberries, blueberries and yogurt to bring red, white and blue to these healthy ice pops. Make them in advance of Independence Day in just 10 minutes.

Water Bottles

It is going to be a sweltering summer day on July 4th, so start off your gathering with DIY patriotic water bottles. Wrap small flags that you can find at any craft store around inexpensive water bottles for an incredibly simple way to add some Independence Day spirit. Plastic or fabric flags work best since paper flags will fall apart as the water condenses.


The 4th of July is a day of fun, sun and pride.  Celebrate Independence Day and show your patriotism with all things red, white and blue.  DIY craft projects get everyone involved and excited about this day filled with fireworks and sparklers.