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Sipping In Shoes

by Anne Middleton, on October 7th, 2015

If your heart skipped a beat when you saw the #PSLisBack hash tag trending on social media this week, we know you’re an admirer of autumn.  The pumpkin spice latte is almost like Christmas.  It lingers for a bit like magic and then we languish for a few months until it returns, keeping vigil.  To celebrate the return of the pumpkin spice latte, we’ve picked out some shoes to sashay to Starbucks in. 

The Coffee Date:  Autumn is a romantic season and if you’ve got a calendar dotted with coffee dates with prospective mates, you’ll need some sensually-decadent shoes.  Understated, yet impactful, the Antora Patent ballet flatby UGG comes in a shade called Mariposa.  If a dew-kissed pumpkin became a shoe, this would be the shoe.  UGG is famed for its comfort and you’ll wear it all the time because of its fashion-forward styling.  Sip on the pumpkin spice latte and give your paramour a sultry smirk donning these shoes.  UGG will give you free shipping and free returns when you shop using our codes.

A Woman for All Seasons:  Orange is not for everyone.  It’s one of those colors your wear or it wears you.  Coral is a great chromatic compromise, especially for those of who live in locales where the seasonal cycles are not so obvious.  Sit down to a quick coffee conclave with a prospective client confident in your Two-Tone Wedge Sandals by Boston Proper.  Play up the coral for fall and the magenta for spring and voila! You have a shoe that is ready for any season, whether you’re sipping a pumpkin spice latte in the first flush of fall or downing refreshers during the summer.  Boston Proper offers 10% when you sign up for emails using our codes.

Startup Shoes:  Sip that pumpkin spice latter with the extra shot and concoct a plan to make your startup the next big thing.  Entrepreneurs are constantly hustling, from meeting to meeting, idea to idea and they need to be shod in footwear that will be able to keep up with the pace of their dreams.  Most importantly, entrepreneurs do things their own way and Converse understands that.  You can customize your sneakers to your tastes—orange or not!  Caffeinate and then go online and order from Converse.  We know you’ve got an empire to build, so use our codes and get $5.95 flat rate shipping. 

Next time you make your pilgrimage to Starbucks, don some pumpkin-hued shoes and celebrate the resurgence of the pumpkin spice latte.  You’ve been waiting months and now it’s here.  You’re expenditures on coffee may spike as the thermometer plummets, but don’t worry too much.  We’ve armed you with codes to save on your favorite shoes!