Smart Gifts for Grads

by Abbey O'Bryan, on May 15th, 2014

Caps and gowns, party invitations, cash from distant relatives: these are all indicators that your teen has a BIG life change ahead.  For years they’ve been preparing for this moment...the moment they can finally say, “I’m an adult!”  And, technically, they are (although some parents may think that’s debatable). But just because your baby is heading off to college, doesn’t mean your job as parent is over.  In fact, college is ripe with landmines and pitfalls. Creditors practically shower college freshman in high interest credit card offers, recreation may take on a new meaning, and diet and exercise...what’s that? With a little help from you, though, your new graduate can avoid at least a few of the most potentially hazardous situations.

A couple of the most popular gifts for new graduates heading off to college are laptops and tablets.  What many gift givers forget is that the majority of students who receive a laptop or tablet will never invest in security software.  Help protect your grad from malware and identity theft by including their device on your McAfee All Access package. With unlimited licenses, you can protect all of your devices, including smartphones, tablets, Macs and PCs, as well as your graduate’s device.  Right now, McAfee All Access is 50% off with a promo code you can find by clicking here!  It’s a smart way to help your grad get off to a great start!

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