verizon alaska


by Anne Middleton, on March 23rd, 2015

Even before they were married, Jim and Jenny had fantasized of exploring the untamed wilderness of Alaska.  Finally, after a decade of wedded bliss, these two crazy and determined kids agreed to celebrate their tenth anniversary with an once-in-a-lifetime escape to our 49th state.

To make the occasion even more memorable, Jim purchased an immaculate, brand spanking new Smartphone for Jenny at his local T-Mobile store.  He procured an unmatched deal on this wireless communication device that included enormous video capacity which could document their every moment in the great state of Alaska. 

Jenny, of course, was euphoric when presented with this generous gift by her adoring hubby.

Off They Go
A few days later, they boarded a flying machine and landed safely in Juneau, Alaska to a breathtaking view of snow covered mountains and glistening glaciers. It took their breath away.

They joined a fun loving group of other dreamers for their week-long expedition of this last rugged American frontier.

Immediately upon arrival, Jenny whipped out her Smartphone to record photos and videos in an effort to capture the pristine splendor of this unmatched landscape.  She was truly awe-inspired by the close proximity of all the wildlife in the area, most especially, the remarkable moose and deer directly outside the quaint hotel windows.

Stunning Scenery
On their first day, their adventure led this friendly tour group to one of Alaska’s countless glistening lakes. 

They boarded a sightseeing water vessel for a three hour mini-cruise.  Otters, whales and countless species of water animals were encountered throughout this voyage. And every wet and furry creature was documented on Jenny’s new Smartphone from T-Mobile. 

She was even able to instantaneously send many of the pictures to friends and family via email with her Verizon plan.  Yes!  Verizon even covers the Frozen North and features HD voice and video calling.  In fact, Verizon boasts Alaska's largest 4G LTE network.

Jim and Jenny couldn’t be in a more blissful state of happiness!

But then the unthinkable occurs. 

It’s Gone
Returning to their charming hotel room, Jenny is unable to locate her cell phone.  They scour the area for hours and hours, enlisting the assistance of staff and other tour members. This superb electronic device simply cannot be located. 

Jenny is devastated, but puts on a brave face and continues on this celebratory traveling event.

It’s Back!
Upon arrival home, a small brown box awaits these two love birds.  Curious, they open it immediately discovering Jenny’s mobile phone inside with a note that reads, “Found this while hiking on a glacier and saw your name and address.”

Amazing!  Someone found and actually returned this sentimental mobile phone.  But where had it been? 

This cute couple accessed the video on the phone and was treated to a bird’s eye view of the majestic Alaska mountains, high above the water where salmon was pictured jumping into the air.

Later in the video, a large bear was filmed climbing a tree before the picture suddenly ended and an all-white surface appeared in the frame.  This must be the glacier.

This high-flying documentary implied that Jenny’s phone must have dropped out of her bag and fallen to the ground. An inquisitive bald eagle snatched onto the phone, triggered the video button and flew around for several minutes.  This regal national bird must have eventually dropped the Smartphone on the snow.

Jenny may not have documented every city they visited, but she has a panoramic overview of Alaska rarely seen by any other human.  She will treasure this unmatched gift from the bald eagle forever.